Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So. It's Been A While

I think that should be the title of every post I write going forward. Because I only seem to be able to come here every year or so. :)

I think I mentioned we're all moved in to our new home. And. LOVING. It.

Carleigh is one year old, Cavan is four, Cullen is six, and Christian is 11.

I can't believe how big my babies are getting!

Christian has been home sick the past two days. She has strep throat. Hubs had it, but not as bad as she does. So he's back at work today. I had it two weeks ago, and it knocked me down hard. I didn't get out of bed (or my jammies) for five days. It. Was. ROUGH.

Tomorrow we lay to rest my great aunt. She's the last living sibling of my grandmother, so it will probably be an emotional day.

And that's really all the updating I have time for now. I have to put together outfits for six people, down to socks and shoes, and make sure they're all ironed and ready to go. Plus find silent forms of entertainment for the littles.

I'll see you when I see you.