Monday, April 29, 2013

Cullen Made a Decision

Cullen has come a long way this year. He has grown so much, and changed so much, in so many ways.

I visited with his teacher last week, to see how he's progressing.

She showed me charts that indicated he was below grade level at the beginning of the school year, but now he is working at a first-grade level. So he's about a year ahead of where he needs to be.

He has progressed emotionally and socially as well. His teacher was upset when she arrived to work that day, since she had just received news a friend's son had died. She had been crying, and was still teary, and Cullen found his favorite thing in her classroom, and brought it to her. He told her it would make her feel better. Then he pulled out a chair next to his, patted it, and told her to sit next to him. :) My sweet, sweet little guy. He is so stinkin' smart. He's reading now, and writing, and spelling. He's looking at numbers, and really recognizing what they mean. He's retaining lessons he learns and stories he hears. I just love it. I am amazed that I get to have this little boy in my life.

Just now the two of us were outside. He had been playing with the water hose, so he was wet. I wouldn't let him come inside, so I just picked him up and held him like a baby, deciding I would just hold him and hug him until he dried off.

He started asking questions about God and sin and other eternal matters. I told him that we all sin. Every one of us. I told him God hates sin, but that He sent His Son to die for our sins, so we could be forgiven. I told him God's Son defeated death, and rose from the dead, so someday we can, too.

Very quietly, he whispered, "I love you, Jesus. Forgive me, Jesus. Come into my heart and save me from my sins."

Just typing those words brings tears to my eyes. I love this little boy so much it hurts.

And I'm so happy I get to spend eternity with him.

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