Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Day of School

I realize school started 12 weeks ago. I do. But I'm a little behind with the picture-taking and blogging and laundry and whatnot.

I've had these pictures sitting in a draft for a while, and just found it.

This is what little Carlito looked like twelve weeks ago.

She's such a sweet, beautiful little baby.

And here's her sweet, beautiful big sister on the first day of school.

And her adorable big brother on the first day of school.

And here's what I bribed his teacher with. I knew it was going to be a rough time for him, and it most definitely was. So I gave her a care package on the first day to help get her through. She's an amazing teacher.

Here they are in front of our fireplace. Back then it wasn't finished. I'm now happy to say it's done, and I'm typing away in front of it, wishing it's cold enough outside to have a fire in it. Sigh. Fall in South Texas.

They're so sweet. And growing waaaaay too fast.

Speaking of growing waaaaay too fast... here's Carlito Burrito twelve weeks ago...

And here she is now, in her new hat, in her new chair, in her new home.

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