Friday, June 1, 2012

It Makes No Sense, I Know


I am so freaked out about going into labor.


This is my fourth.


I should NOT be worried about this... but I am.

With the other three, I went into labor at home, and Hubs drove me to the hospital. With all three, it was laaaaaaaaaaaate at night, or veeeeeeeeeeery early in the morning. Same thing, I know.

We were just ten minutes from the hospital.

Now? We're in the next county over. The drive to the hospital has stretched to about 25 minutes.

To add to my nervousness, Hubs works in the next county, too, which means that if my water were to break while I'm home alone (with 3 kids), I'd either have to:

a. Freak out, load them into the car and drive myself to town,

b. Freak out and wait for Hubs to get here (and reinforcements for the kids), only to turn around and head to town; meaning from the time my water broke to the time I got to the hospital could be close to an hour,


c. Freak out and have the baby at home. Or on the side of the road.

I'm not really excited about any of those options.

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Anonymous said...

i will be there for you after next tues... hold those legs together..really just be safe and well.. we love you and want you safe..this girl will rule the house just wait..take a deep breath then scream you may feel ok for at least a moment...ha ha really it will be ok