Monday, June 4, 2012

The House Looks Like a House... Kinda

My last post regarding the house left off with the foundation being poured.

We've had some progress since then.

We were so excited when our first load of wood was delivered.

We were even more excited when the framers got the first floor framed in a day!

Then came some OSB, with cut-outs for windows and doors.

This part took a little longer. The floor joists were special-made, and took a few days to produce and be delivered. Once they came in...

The second floor work began. The workers laid down a sub-floor of wood that's over an inch thick! It's tongue-and-groove, so they beat the pieces together, glued them to the floor joists below, then nailed them down. Hubs has gone back over the whole thing with ring-shank deck screws... so hopefully we won't ever have creaking floors! That puppy is SOLID!

The workers just climbed ladders to get up there, so unfortunately Christian and I couldn't go. I didn't think it was a good idea for me, 9 months pregnant, to climb a ladder, then scale some 2x4's, just to take a few pictures! I could have done it, I'm sure... but just didn't feel like showing them all up.

Once the second floor was framed, they OSB'd that level, and installed those windows. There I am... HUGE.


My first trip up to the second floor. Hubs thought he needed to save the moment for me.

This is the baby's room. Isn't it beautiful??? ;)

They now have just about finished putting the OSB on the outside, and have installed the upstairs windows. They've covered the back patio roof, and are beginning on the front porch, and doing the roof and overhang.

See those 2x6 boards at the top of those tall 2x4s? That's what the workers walk on!

Soooooo... it's coming along. Hopefully we'll be moving in by the end of July.

But I'll bore you with the details until then!


MaryAnne K said...

I LOVE your big windows!!!

Kelsey said...

Yayyyyyyy! It's beautiful!