Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progress on the House

This is how the job site looked the last time I checked in...

Some trenches, some boards, some dirt.

Pretty boring stuff.

Not enough going on to satisfy me.

Well... next they added some black plastic, cables and rebar. This is some kind of "post-tension slab," I think. Which means that once the concrete is poured, the workers go back and pull the cables tight, applying pressure to the concrete. The concrete is compressed, and becomes stronger.

I think.

We have pipes!!!

With plumbing and everything!

It's crazy to me to see how all the plumbing is laid out, and how it just gets buried in cement.

One of our friends is a pest control specialist, and treated the entire site before the concrete went in. 

Last Saturday was the big day.

When Hubs got there at 6:30 am, the workers were already there. The big trucks rolled in, and they started pouring and working the cement.

Or concrete. I really have no idea what the difference is. Or even if there is a difference.

Our soil is so sandy, we had to have a huge pumper truck to reach all the way across the house.

The cement truck would have sunk if they had tried to drive it over there.

You can't tell it from this picture, but I'm smiling really big right now.

Cullen went with Hubs to the job site that morning. He loooooooves man work.

Hubs said he helped all day, all over the place.

That's our builder. I'm glad he was there.

Apparently the kitchen door was off by six inches, and he caught it just in time to fix it.

I just hate when kitchen doors are off by six inches.

Especially if that means I can't have my cabinets where I planned for them to be.

We tried to put the kids' handprints in the back porch, but the concrete set up too fast.

So we took them around to the front porch, where the guys were still smoothing the freshest concrete.

Now there are three adorable sets of prints on my new front porch. Preserved for all eternity.

Or until the house is destroyed by fire, flood or earthquake.

But I really hope that's long after I'm in Heaven.

I'd really hate to see that. It would probably ruin my day.

The workers really got a kick out of Cullen. When they took a break, he took a break. At one point, they all went to sit under the trees in the shade, and got Cokes out of their cooler... and so did Cullen.

They told me what a hard worker he was... and that they were really glad they weren't the ones that had to wash his clothes. Homeboy was FILTHY.

And exhausted by the end of the day.

Hubs said the guys were all laughing, saying Cullen was done for the day.

He was a real trouper. He put in a full day's work...

And loved every minute of it.


MaryAnne K said...

This is SO exciting!!! I'm just hoping that my next house was built a little more recently than 1962. Not a fan of fifty-year-old plumbing - and with the pipes set in the slab foundation, there's nothing I can do about it.

Tracye said...

1962? I'd gladly take that! The one we're in now is from the 1850's! But I hear ya!