Monday, May 21, 2012

Fishing With Bamaw and Papaw

Cavan got fishing gear for his birthday...

So the day after his birthday, we took the kids out to my in-laws' house to fish in their pond.

Christian immediately walked around to the other side to get away from her little brothers!

While Bamaw helped Cavvie bait his hook.

Hubs helped Cullen.

They caught one!

Cullen loved that little fish!

Bamaw and Cavvie stayed next to the worms... so they could keep reeling in the big ones.

Hubs caught a MONSTA! That's one for the record books.

Cav thought he was in charge of the worms, and pretty much controlled their distribution.

Papaw helped Christian get her line unstuck from a tree in the water.

Bamaw is a real fisherwoman! She out-fished everybody that day.

Cullen got a bucket, filled it with water, and kept Cavvie's little fish.

Cullen's fishy didn't make it.

Christian got one, too!

One of Bamaw's record-breakers.

Hubs put the canoe in the water and paddled around for a bit.

I had my camera ready, waiting for a good "Hubs-in-the-water" shot.

I never got one.

He rowed to shore and picked up Cavvie for a quick little ride.

 Cav helped paddle.

It was a really peacful afternoon.

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Marci said...

Looks like the kiddos had a great time!