Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Blue Foo-Wheeler

I can't believe this has been sitting in my drafts for a whole month!

Cavan had a birthday two four weeks ago.

My baby boy turned three.

The whole family went looking for a birthday present for him.

When he saw this, it was all over.

All his little heart wanted was a blue "foo-wheeler."

He loved it.

And so did his big brother.

Who immediately commandeered it...

And took off.

Cullen's not dumb, though.

He drove around the yard for a bit...

And then drove far enough off that nobody (i.e. his brother and sister) would want to walk to him and get it back.

But after a while, we forced him back...

So Christian could take a turn.

She didn't care that she was a little too big for it.

It was a huge hit with all of them.


MaryAnne K said...

Seriously awesome birthday present! I want one!

MaryAnne K said...

AND happy belated birthday to your little guy!

Marci said...