Monday, April 23, 2012

My 400th Post

I can't believe I've had this much to say.

Who am I kidding? I'm my favorite person! I LOVE hearing what I have to say! ;)


I guess I've been blogging for close to five years now. I think September is about the time I started. So 4 1/2. Ish.

When I put it like that, 400 posts is really lame.

I used to blog a lot. But then again, I used to have something called "time." I don't remember what it's like to have that anymore, and don't foresee that changing any time soon. It was much easier to write, and take pictures, and upload them, and bake cakes when I had a kindergartner and one immobile baby who napped 2-3 times a day.

But now I have a fourth grader, two VERY active little boys home with me all day every day, and am eight months pregnant with the LAST baby. LAST. Baby.

Moving on.

April 9 we had a nice surprise. We drove to our land, and saw this:

Which we did not put there.

Which means someone else did. Namely, our BUILDER.

A couple days went by, we got lots of rain, and I started to become discouraged and annoyed. And then April 13 we found this:

That's Cavan climbing on top, in case you couldn't tell. They were pretty darn large piles of dirt.

Both boys thought they were put there solely to entertain them. Why, OF COURSE THEY WERE!!!

So a few more days went by, we got lots more rain (seriously, it NEVER rains this much here), and I started to become discouraged and annoyed. Again.

Then, last Thursday, April 19, we went out to the land again, and saw that the workers had spread the dirt around and compacted it.

They also dug lots of trenches, put up boards and markers for string lines, and a couple of forms for the... wait for it... FOUNDATION!!!

That's right, they're getting down to the business of building our house!!! We have PROGRESS!!!

This little cutie was not one of the workers... he just wishes he could drive the big "dachine."

And this little cutie can't have someone else getting their picture taken without getting in on the action!

And this little cutie would have driven off and finished the foundation...

If only he could find the dadgum keys!


They're fairly deep trenches. :)

Oh, look! It's me... and my giant eight-months-pregnant belly. Standing where I will (IN JESUS' NAME!) be sleeping in (fingers crossed!) four months!

Yep. It's the master bedroom. Needs work, I know.

Why, hello, baby in my belly!

Please don't be anywhere near ten pounds, mkay?

On the way home from Cavan's party, we stopped at our land with all his birthday balloons. What better way to celebrate the beginning of our new beginning, by releasing all the balloons on our future homesite?

Well, besides going out to eat for Mexican food, and saving me from cooking and dishes, I mean.

So we did.

Why yes, I am eight months pregnant.

And FEELING IT, let me tell you.

Thanks, Mom, for providing us with photographic evidence that most of the balloons did not, in fact, float peacefully up into a startlingly blue sky, but instead got caught in the trees.

Ah well. A couple floated peacefully up into a startlingly blue sky.

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Yay for progress!!!