Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Hope Your Easter Was Germ-Free

Because ours wasn't.

While Cavan and Christian did this on Easter morning:


Cullen did this:

We went to Academy Saturday night to buy water shoes for the kids, so they could swim at the lake after church on Sunday. Aunt Laura (despite recent major health issues) was hosting her annual Easter egg hunt and party, and the kids really wanted to go. That necessitated the water-shoe buying. While walking around Academy, Cullen was very excited and animated. His usual self.

We finished and went to the car, and headed to get something to eat. That's when things went downhill. He wasn't happy with our choice, and said he wasn't going to eat anything. And he didn't. He wouldn't even drink his Dr. Pepper. We thought he was just being ornery, and pretty much ignored his bad attitude.

It was when he asked to turn on the warm air because he was cold that we started to think something wasn't right. It had been near 90 degrees that day, and was still quite warm. I had Christian get him a blanket out of the backseat and cover him. Five minutes later, I turned around and he was sound asleep, mouth open, leaning against Cavan's carseat.

Uh oh.

I reached back to feel his forehead, and he was burning up. We took his temperature when we got home, and it was 102. He asked me to carry him to his bed, and put his jammies on him. He laid there, so glassy-eyed and pathetic-looking. So we dragged his mattress into our room and had him sleep where we could hear him if he needed anything.

Sunday morning, his fever was up to 103. This was after Advil and Tylenol. He felt awful. And I felt soooooo sorry for him.

But there were candy-filled eggs to be found, and Christian and Cavan were up for the challenge.

But Cavvie stopped to eat the contents of each egg before moving on. He had a very healthy breakfast that morning!

My poor little Baby Love. He kept saying his mouth hurt, but I couldn't figure out why. Monday morning he asked for orange juice, then immediately complained that his mouth hurt. I shined a light in there, and saw that his throat was almost swollen shut.

I called the pediatrician, but they couldn't see him until Tuesday.


Tuesday morning, Cavvie woke up with 102 fever.

So we all went.

They both have whatever infection is going around. According to the doctor, Cullen is way worse than Cavan, but Cavan is two days behind in the germ department. Yesterday Cullen seemed to feel fine (even thought the doc said his throat was far worse than Cavan's) and Cavan almost couldn't function or stay awake because of the fever.

My poor little guys.

At least the Easter Bunny brought them new stuff to play with. Once they're feeling better I'm sure they'll be all over it.

Unfortunately, this one woke up yesterday with a sore throat. I have a feeling she'll be next with the high fever.

If I could get out of the house, I'd stock up on Lysol.


MaryAnne said...

I'm sorry!!!

Sounds a lot like something we had about a month ago. Evil viruses, this year...

Hope the kids are all healthy soon, and that you and your hubby escape it somehow!

Anonymous said...

i know this is a hard week sorry i can not come help..if i can drop anything at the door let me prayers are with all of you... love bamaw

Kelsey said...

Poor, sick babies. Hope everybody is as good as new!