Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

This past week was Christian's spring break, so Hubs took a couple days off so we could do something as a family.

She wanted to go to Sea World, but we nixed that. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant, and didn't so much feel like waddling around a theme park with 30,000 other people... and NOT ride any rides. BOO.

So we thought we'd take them to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, which is sort of like a drive-through zoo, and then the San Antonio zoo the following day.

We loaded up bright and early after the crack of noon, and headed out. We got to the Wildlife Ranch, and sat in three-vehicle-wide traffic for over an hour, waiting to get in.

But it was worth it.

They love watching all the animals come up to the car.

They get such a kick out of feeding them, too.

Cavan gets in a couple driving lessons...

And some lovin' from his Daddy. Let me tell you, this is a rare event. Those cheekies never, ever get kisses. He's absolutely starved for attention.

After the ranch closed, we ate dinner (waaaaaaay too much food!) and headed to our hotel. NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS get a reservation for a hotel during spring break. We went to about 3,956 hotels, and finally found one with A room available. In other words, we got the last one. In other words, there were no extra pillows available.

We got our swimsuits on...

And, yes, I let our heathens jump on the bed.

It's the one time I've ever allowed them to do it...

And they took full advantage of the situation.

After we all got changed, we headed to the hotel pool, where this happened:

I was in the pool with Christian and Cavan, and Hubs had taken Cullen to the pool bathroom. Suddenly, he rushed in, and started frantically waving to me to get out. I thought Cullen hadn't been able to make it to the potty in time... but apparently he slipped in a really wet bathroom, and landed head-first on the tile. Immediately, it swelled up so large, it looked like a golf ball under his skin. It was deep purple, like there was blood under the skin. FREAKED. ME. OUT.

We rushed up to our room, and put ice on him. I quickly bathed him and put him in jammies, while Hubs went to the front desk to see if they had any children's tylenol. I mean, a bump that big is bound to be pretty painful. Especially judging by Cullen's crying. Poor baby.

They didn't have any, so Hubs headed to the nearest pharmacy for some. NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS bring children's tylenol!!!

We had debated taking him to an ER, but since his eyes were dilating normally, the bump was pushing out instead of in, and he wasn't nauseous or sleepy, we decided to wait it out.

We had to keep him awake for several hours, until after well after midnight, so we could keep checking his pupils. By that time, this had happened:

Seems that a long car trip, lots of animals, jumping on a bed, and swimming really wears a baby slap out. Thankfully, there was a crib available in the hotel. Obviously it was a brand-spanking new hotel (not even on our GPS), and the crib was still wrapped in the manufacturer's plastic. Cavvie was the first sweet little baby angel to sleep in it.

These two were the next to go. Since Cullen was hurt, we had him sleep between us in our bed, just so we could check on him throughout the night. He was NOT HAPPY when we would wake him up to check on him! The long day got to him, too, and he didn't appreciate being woken up.

See this? This is a fake-sleep-smile. She's a big fakedy-fake. She was probably the last one of us to fall asleep. Oh. Wait. That's me. I didn't sleep much at all that night. Which is no surprise.

The next morning, we headed downstairs to eat a breakfast with the rest of the hotel's occupants. Yes, it was quite crowded, considering it was FULL.

We loaded up the car and went to my friend, M'lissa's house. She had volunteered to drop us off at the zoo, and pick us up, so we didn't have to look for parking, or trudge across a fuuuuuuuull lot.

We stayed at her house for an altogether-too-short visit, during which time we nixed the zoo idea. Her son volunteers there, and they were expecting it to be the busiest day of the season. Something like 20,000-plus people. Ummmmm, no, but thanks.

So we went to Bass Pro Shops (Hub's Happy Place) and let the kids look at all the fish. Cullen and Christian did a little Hillbilly Handfishin' in one of the little fish ponds. They actually drew a crowd! They were so excited to touch all the fish.

We played some of their games, and did some shooting in their gallery, then went to the Longhorn Steakhouse for more delicious food.

The car ride home was almost unbearable. I was so full, and so tired, but I had to listen to "Despicable Me" about 472 times, and wasn't able to sleep.

But I made up for it last night!

It was a pretty good spring break, and I can't believe it's over!

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MaryAnne said...

That drive-through zoo looks great!

Poor Cullen - glad he was okay. HATE big bumps like that!