Friday, March 2, 2012


Recently our mortgage company contacted us, saying they needed a few more documents before they could process our paperwork.

One of those things was a complete set of blueprints, including exterior elevation.

I was immediately dejected, because I hadn't even seen those yet. We contacted our builder, who contacted our architect (whom we couldn't reach) and told him to get it done ASAP.

Unfortunately, the architect's father was hospitalized, which put a delay on our blueprints.

However, he got them to us sooner than we thought he would. I met our builder on Valentine's Day, and he gave me two complete sets: one for us, and one for the bank.

That set completed our necessary paperwork.

Hubs called me today (as I waited at the doctor's office; I had to drink the sugar drink today... YUCK! I felt so gross and sluggish afterward.) and gave me some great news:

WE CLOSE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm beyond excited!!!

He called our builder, who was amazed at how quickly the bank got everything together. He said he's never seen a bank process a loan so fast. Seems like ages to me, though!

He has told us that it will take his engineer about a week (after we close) to plan out our foundation, so hopefully (keep it in your prayers, please!) we'll be seeing our foundation poured in two weeks!

I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE progress!


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Yay!! I know how frustrated you must have been feeling like you're just sitting around waiting. So glad to hear of progress and can't wait to see everything!!!