Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Baby Girl!

First of all, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE???

It seems like yesterday I was holding a little baby girl, and now she's half grown.

But I'm not going to think about that right now. Nothing good can come of it.

She wanted a tea party this year. For 30 kids. Ummmmm.... that would be a "NO."

A tea party for a few friends? Certainly. Can do.

My sweet friend volunteered to have the party at her house, since her table seats eight. That way, Christian could invite 7 friends instead of 5, and she wouldn't have her two little brothers (angels, I tell you!) annoying her. As if they would.

So we sent out invites, and got one RSVP. I'm thinking people just don't do that anymore.

Unfortunately, several friends got sick that week, so I knew it was going to be a small party. I'm doubly glad it was. Three little girls had us running and exhausted by the end; I'm not sure what eight would have done to us.

We had lots of fruit...

These don't qualify as fruit, but they were super yummy. Strawberry fruit dip inside sugar cookie cups, with a fresh strawberry on top. YUM.

Oranges, watermelon, strawberries and grapes...

Dainty little place settings...

At a tea party, you just have to serve sugar cubes. "One lump, or two?" She chose flavored teas, and I put in a plain option.

The only kind of sandwich she eats: PB&J. These had my homemade wild grape jelly. There weren't any left, so I'd guess they were good.

Karon and I set a beautiful table.

I bought supplies for tea-party hats, as an ice-breaking, pre-party craft.

Christian wanted a chocolate cake, with oreo cookies and cream filling, so that's what she got. It was sah-weet! Seriously. Sugar overload. She wanted this little teacup on top, that her grandmother painted, so I decorated the cake with the colors and designs on the cup. She loved it.

The girls really got into the hat-decorating.

They were adorable!

After the party, we came home and rested for just a few minutes. My parents came over, and we had pizza, more cake, and ice cream, and Christian opened loads of gifts.

And then I crashed.

For four days.

I just cannot believe my girl is TEN.



MaryAnne said...

Double digits!!! The girls look so sweet in their hats, and your party looks fabulous!!!

Kelsey said...

What a darling little party. Good job, Mom!

And I second that tear.