Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Things I Hope I Remember Years From Now

I have discovered, not recently, that boys (especially young ones) are much different than girls.

As a baby, toddler and preschooler, Christian could have cared less about the toilet, or how it worked.

She didn't try to destroy everything around her.

She wasn't determined to aggravate the dog.

She pretty much was just a sweet, adorable little girl, with an active imagination.

Her brothers? Not so much.

This morning, Cullen was in the bathroom in his room. (SIDEBAR: I HATE that there is a bathroom in the boys' room. HATE. IT.)

He began laughing hysterically, and yelling, "MOM! THERE'S WATER EVER-WHERE! HAHAHAHAHA!!! IT'S EVER-WHERE!!!"

I flew in there, to discover he had clogged the toilet. AGAIN. Water was running over the top, down the sides, and across the floor. There was water all the way into the bedroom. I immediately grabbed towels and threw them on the puddles, then started in on the clog. These toilets are OLD. As in, the design of modern toilets is significantly different, and modern plungers don't always fit these old set-ups. So with every plunge, I was sending nasty water, and about 14 pounds of soaked toilet paper, flowing back over the top of the toilet. So I had to skim a few bowl-fuls of water out of the toilet before I could actually do any damage to the clog.

Good times.

Then there was the other day:

Cavan was chasing Bo around the backyard with a shovel-- which is a definite no-no. So I called him in the house, to hold him accountable.

Me: "Cavan, were you chasing my dog around the backyard with a shovel?"

Cavan: "No. I was chasing our dog around the backyard with a shovel."

Yeah. 'Cause that's better. Wow. Semantics at two years old.

Christian had a friend spend the night last weekend. They were putting on a show for us the next morning, and Cullen said he wanted to be in the show, too.

Christian: "No, Cullen. It's a FRIENDship show, not a BROTHERship show.

Cullen: "Well... I need to go to the DEALERship, then."

Most nights, I have two naked little boys, fresh from the bath, alternating between flashing me with their towels and yelling, "SEE MY PEE-PEE, MOMMY!" and bending over and lifting their towels while yelling, "SEE MY HEINIE, MOMMY!"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "I've seen it, and I'm not impressed."

A few days ago, Cullen came in, fully dressed, holding a (toy) gun, and said, "Okay. I'm ready. I need to go outside so I can shoot some women."

I'm sorry; WHAAAAAAAAAT???

A few weeks ago I told Christian that this is our LAST baby. 

She said, "What if God gives you 15 babies?"

{Then I will have to kill myself!} I didn't actually say that.

What I did say was, "God won't."

"But he gave the Duggars 19 babies," she said.

"I'm NOT the Duggars. And this conversation is over."

My sweet sister-in-law posted this to my facebook wall, and I thought it was worthy of sharing with the rest of you!

Me (Kelsey): what are you building with those Legos?

Cullen: somethin' beautiful for you. I love buildin' beautiful things for girls.

Me (Kelsey): aww! That's so sweet!

Cullen: I love girls. Girls are fat. Girls are fat but boys aren't.

Me (Kelsey): wait...what?

Cullen: I love fat girls.

Ha ha ha! Love that kid! Maybe he means we're "phat"? Yeah, let's just go with that theory :)

He followed the conversation up with: "Shadow, Shadow's fat. But he's a dog. He's supposed to be fat." (unlike us women, I assume? Ha!)

One morning Cavan picked up my empty tea cup, set it on the floor, and then pretended to pee in it. He even blessed me with a "SSSSSSSSS" sound to make sure I knew what he was doing.

"See, Mommy? I gave you some more!"


(I can assure you, it's NOT something they've seen!)

The other day, Christian was snacking on pickles, when she found this in the jar:

It was the teeny-tiniest little pickle I've ever seen, and she got such a kick out of it! She said there was one  even smaller in the jar, but it kept floating away from her fork and she couldn't get to it.

After she showed it to me, and allowed me to take a picture of (one of) the world's smallest pickles, she "celebrated" by eating it!

And I just kept taking pictures of my sweet little girl...

Giggling and rolling around on my bed.

She's so much fun, and growing so fast.

So I hope I remember this little face, years from now!

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MaryAnne said...

Your kids are fantastic!!! Love hearing the things they come up with.

Christian is darling. And isn't it a good thing that little boys are so insanely adorable!