Friday, February 17, 2012

Not the Usual Valentine's Day

Because we had this in our yard:

Well. That was just tooooo much temptation for two little boys, so the Coast Guard crew let them climb aboard.

And Cullen wasn't self-conscious at all! 

He just climbed right on up.

And Cavvie followed right behind, as usual.

They quickly found it's not as easy to climb into this boat, as it is to climb into ours!

But Cullen figured it out.

Cavvie needed a little help.

Once up there, they had to figure out what they wanted to attempt to destroy first.

Hmmmmm.... decisions, decisions.

Whatever will we try to break?

Something over there looks interesting...

Thank goodness the door was locked! I'm sure there is waaaaaaay too much they could damage in there!

Dang. Foiled again.

Since they were locked out of the control room, they decided to climb on the gun mount.

Unfortunately for them, (but FORTUNATELY FOR US!!!) the machine gun was safely stowed elsewhere.

Next, they decided to try to start the motors, but since we were on dry land, and the boat was attached to a truck, they really couldn't hit the open seas.

We made them get off the boat, and we took these treats to Christian's class party.

She designed them herself, down to the red tulip cupcake papers, and the pepto-bismol colored icing. They were triple chocolate cake, with white chocolate amaretto filling and vanilla buttercream. Christian got a little happy with the cupcake corer, so I think there was more filling than cake.

These were the treat boxes she asked me to make for her teachers.

I'm happy with how her Valentines turned out. I photoshopped the background out, and put in a bunch of colored hearts, per her request.

After we dropped all the goodies off at the school, we headed to the next county over, where I met with our builder and picked up a more detailed version of our blueprints!!!

More on that, later.

I hope your Valentine's Day was full of good things! Ours certainly was!


Kelsey said...

Now Tracye, those sweet, innocent boys of yours wouldn't dare to even dream of causing any damage! ;)

And YAY for house progress!

MaryAnne said...

I love that your boys are such BOYS and your girl is such a girl!