Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Look at All the Red!

Well, it finally arrived. My friend's Valentine party that I've been preparing for, for over a month.

We had to make a box to hold our valentines, just like when we were in elementary school. I decided to make mine a birdcage. Hubs and I brainstormed ways to build it. I bought all the supplies, Hubs built it, and I decorated it. The birds' perch is hanging from red heart-shaped glass beads.

You can't really tell, but that thing is alive with glitter. I cut shingles out of red paper, and then sprayed the entire roof with red glitter. It's really beautiful. The rest of the cage is white, with silver glitter.

Christian's class party is Tuesday, and her teacher said she could bring my birdcage to use as her school valentine box. She's pretty excited, and I'm more than a little surprised that her teacher said yes!

These were the valentines I made.

They're tiny strawberry cakes, covered in chocolate ganache.

The lids and ribbon are fondant.

I made four flavors of chocolate truffles, to "fill" the box: raspberry chocolate, mocha, white chocolate champagne, and amaretto. The amaretto was sinfully delicious! I'll be making that again.

I made 11 of them for the party, and I'll be making another eight tomorrow for all of Christian's teachers.

I also made the boxes and tags. 

Too bad you can't smell this! Pure heaven.

They're so adorable, all boxed up and ready to go.

This was my first attempt at iron-on vinyl. I did three layers: silver, black and white. I love how it turned out!

I had my nails done, and coincidentally, they matched my heels! I wore zebra-striped 6-inch heels, with a red crocodile toe and heel. LOOOOOOVE those shoes!

My friend, Karon, and I rode together. She put pink highlights in her hair for the party!

As a hostess gift, I etched Carolyn's initials into a glass vase.

Karon's valentine box tied for first place! She made a papier mache bee. He was as big as Cavan!

My hat won first place in the Best Hat category. Carolyn wanted to give everyone a chance to win a prize, so you could only win one category... but she loved my valentines so much, that she gave me a little something extra!

We did a gift exchange, and I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby! It was the perfect size. :)

I etched another vase (which I forgot to get a picture of!) with various leaves all over it. Another guest opened it, but Carolyn loved it so much that she stole it when it was her turn to pick a gift! So she ended up with two etched glass vases.

I had so much fun! The food was amazing, and Carolyn planned some creative games, none of which I won! I went home stuffed and happy.

Which is exactly how I love to leave a party.


MaryAnne said...

I knew your hat would win!

Your valentines are amazing!

Emma isn't even allowed to bring personalized valentines to school, so I can't imagine her getting a personalized box!

Tracye said...

:) Thanks!

Why can't she take personalized valentines to school? Do you have to buy the ones from the store? Poor kid! I know how creative she is and how much she likes to make stuff!

Kelsey said...

What a fun party! Love your shirt and your hat!