Monday, January 23, 2012

A List...

Because that's all the time, energy and brainpower I have.

*The boys asked to go outside, so I bundled them up and sent them out with a few instructions: no playing in the water, no playing in the mud, no climbing the fence, no playing in the dog or rabbit food.

*It didn't take them long at all to violate every single one of those rules.

*But since they're muddy now, I'm taking the easy way out and letting them stay outside, as opposed to punishing them both (and me) by making them come inside and take a bath.

*In just a few days, I'll be halfway through this pregnancy. That's CRAZY.

*The first half has passed very quickly.

*We still have not poured the foundation on our house.

*I've given up hope that it is finished by the time the baby is born, and am now just hoping it is started by the time the baby is born.

*I really hate it when a kind convenience store clerk asks how you're doing, and you decide to show them, by completely breaking down in tears. For no reason.

*I really love kind convenience store clerks.

*I found a really cute desk at a flea market (more like a giant, perpetual garage sale) last week. Hubs stopped by on Saturday and picked it up for me. We put it in Christian's room. Now I just have to find a chair for it. I'll have to take a picture. Seriously cute desk. I'd like to paint it turquoise; it's currently white. The paint job is just fine; I just want it turquoise. We'll see. I want to redo her room in turquoise, black and white, but she's balking at the black. I hate when they get opinions of their own. I could do some ridiculously cute stuff in her room, if she'd just suspend her dadgum opinion. ;)

*I have been having REALLY BAD migraines quite often lately. REALLY. BAAAAAAAAAD. I finally gave in and called my doctor. At first, he said I needed to go to the emergency room. Ha. That will never happen. NEV. ER. HAPPEN. I will deal with a headache until the day I die before I will show up at a hospital emergency room whining about it. After I relayed that message, he called in a prescription for Tylenol with codeine. I think the pharmacy goofed and gave me Smartees though, because these "pills" don't do a bit of good. Which really stinks.

*The baby is moving around more and more. Hubs felt her kick two nights ago. Which made him really excited. He loves seeing me pregnant. I hate it. I feel like such a goober.

*I'm just now wearing maternity clothes. Five months in. I think this is the latest I've ever gone. One day I looked perfectly normal, and the next? POOF. The belly had arrived. I might try putting on regular jeans today, just to see if I'm imagining this belly or not. I really think I'm not, though. So I guess I'll skip the wardrobe change. I'm not really up for it anyway. Wow. That was a complete waste of your time and mine. Sorry about that.

*I'm so unbelievably sick of the mangy, disgusting, flea-bitten stray cats that overrun this town. Seriously.  The lady next door (Crazy Cat Lady #1 {Should towns even be allowed to have more than one???}) had FORTY cats in her front yard the other morning. Crazy Cat Lady #2 just opens bags of cat food and pours them down her sidewalk for a morning buffet. Unfortunately, both Crazy Cat Ladies live next to us. One is right next door, and one is on the other side of the street, but still. We have cats on our porch all. the. time. Which maybe wouldn't bother me so much if we weren't allergic. Or if they weren't defecating all over the dang place. Or if they weren't completely covered in fleas and just NASTY, NASTY, NASTY. They hold conventions under our house at night, and get into LOUD disagreements during the breakout sessions, apparently. It's HIGHLY annoying when it happens at 2am. And again at 4. And then they hold the final voting at 5, I'm guessing. Judging from all the growling, screeching and screaming.

*I have a pain in my neck that is radiating all the way down my arm to my wrist. I thought I slept wrong a couple nights ago, but I can't imagine that causing this much pain. Or lasting this long. I bought a heating pad and massager last night. I "slept" with the heating pad all night. And by "slept," I mean I laid there throughout the night, trying not to roll to either side, since that immediately caused lightning bolts of pain to shoot down my arm and up my neck. Fun, huh?

*I took a hot bath and a Tylenol (with codeine) before I went to bed, hoping the bath, massager, heating pad and "medication" would beat the pain. No luck. I seriously think they're 100% sugar.

*A friend "hired" me to help with the party supplies for her husband's grandmother's 91st birthday party this coming weekend. So I will be busy making favors and tags this week. They will be so beautiful. She has impeccable taste. I can't wait to see it all come together. I love doing stuff like this.

*I think my dream job would have to be party planning.

*Except the part where I'd have to work weekends, when Hubs is off. That wouldn't be much fun at all.

*I just found a piece of bacon on the kitchen floor. Which is pretty disgusting, considering we had bacon cheeseburgers for dinner... TWO NIGHTS AGO. Ugh. Might be time to step up the housekeeping standards just a notch. Or let our "outside" dog become an "inside" dog.

*A friend of a friend invited me to her annual Valentine's Day party. Except it's not on V-day. Which is perfect for me. It's pretty elaborate, and everybody votes on the best valentine, best-dressed guest, best homemade valentine box, and this year, the best hat. I'm. SO. EXCITED. I already made my hat, and it's ADORABLE! I'm working on my valentines now, and I think they're going to turn out cute, too. A friend helped me with an idea for my box, and Hubs and I are brainstorming ways to build it. I think it's going to be really cool. I also had an idea for a t-shirt... but I haven't really decided on that one yet. I don't want to... how do I put this? Cross any lines, I guess. I've run it by a few people, and they love the idea, but I'm pretty conservative, and am just not 100% sure yet.

*I've also decided on valentines for Christian's class. They will also be quite adorable. She wants fairly elaborate ones for her teachers, too. I'm starting on them.

*My to-do list is starting to overwhelm me.

*One of my favorite families is moving away. They live in the house next door to our old house. So I can't really blame them for moving away, since I did it first, but I'm so going to miss them. They're heading to Colorado, to her hometown, which is PERFECT for them. But still. Sad for me. I made them a ruler growth chart on Friday as a birthday present, since her birthday was Friday, and his is next week. We went to a birthday party at their house last night, and stuffed ourselves silly. Seriously, they have some awesome parties. Always amazing food, and the company can't be beat. Going. To. MISS. Them.

*Cavan just got a hamburger bun from the pantry and is running outside with it. I asked him why he had it, and he told me "So Bo tan [can] eat it." I told him that Bo didn't need a hamburger bun. "Otay." And then he ran outside with it anyway.

*So my time on the computer has come to an abrupt end.

Happy Monday everyone.


MaryAnne said...

Wow you have a lot going on in your life!

So sorry about the migraines. I had that during my first pregnancy. Miserable. The arm pain sounds awful too. Only you could explain it all so entertainingly.

As soon as I read your rules I knew what was coming next =)

What's up with kids having opinions? Mine do that to me all the time.

Good luck with the cats. We have coyotes around here, and they get all the stray cats (as well as pet cats that make it outside). Except one brilliant black cat with half a tail. Maybe the coyote almost got him. I like him, because he eats the mice by our house, so I hope he continues to outwit the coyotes.

Hope you feel better, and enjoy the V-day craziness!

Tracye said...

Yes, probably too much!

Thanks. I think we may be trading cats for coyotes out at our land... I think. I've never seen or heard them out there, but we've never spent the night, either.

Thank you!