Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family Christmas #2

This one was at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. We started out by gobbling up yummy appetizers. Well... most of us did. I was ready to puke, so I didn't eat very much.

Then we tried to get a picture of the three yayhoos.

Which is not an easy task.

Since they're constantly looking around, and playing, and wiggling, and laughing and messing with stuff...

Then Cullen noticed the seven stockings my stepmom made, labeled with the grandkids' names, hanging in the family room. They appeared to have things inside them.

And he was ready to find out exactly what might be inside them!

Cavvie was more interested in this Santa.

It rode a tricycle around in a circle while it played music.

He thought it was pretty cool.

Then my nieces and nephews arrived...

And it was time for the obligatory picture of all the grandchildren.

Which is even harder to get than with just my three babies.

Seven faces, constantly looking in different directions...

And Cavan playing with the cat's toys...

But we kept at it....

And then confiscated the cat toy so there would be one less distraction.

Jaxsyn wandered up...

But didn't really feel like sitting down for a few thousand pictures.

Then they started getting really silly.

Soon after that, SANTA STOPPED BY!!!

The kids went nuts!

He had what appeared to be a bag of something... but what?

Caylee was up first. She got a wrapped gift and a candy cane full of m&ms.

Who's next?

It's Cullen!

Cullen climbed up on Santa's lap...

Where he also received a gift...

And a candy cane.

I was really proud of him. I didn't think he would sit in Santa's lap, but he seemed really excited about it.

Colton was next.

He also got a gift and candy.

Then Santa pulled Cavvie's gift out of his sack.

And my sweet baby boy climbed on Santa's lap...

And listened while Santa asked if he had been a good boy this year.

I'm not sure what he said, but I hope he told the truth! ;)

Santa must not have kept great records this year, because Cavvie got a gift and candy as well.

Cayden was next.

Finally, he called out Christian's name.

 She was so excited to meet him!

Jaxsyn got something, too.

Courtlyn was last.

She wasn't too crazy about the idea of sitting on a perfect stranger's lap... and I can't say that I blame her.

But she did great! After that, Santa said he had to get going, but he'd be back to their houses later that night, so they all should make sure to get to bed early!

And with that, the chaos began!

All the kids tore into their gifts with gusto!

But Cavvie was really more interested in the candy cane full of m&ms that Santa left!

My dad really loved the vice we got him. Apparently he really needed one.

See BabyChocolateFace?

Holding a half-eaten lollipop?

Sweet Cayden said he had some battle scars from a run-in with a fence.

He liked the spurs we got him, and asked us to put them on his boots right then! I'm happy he likes them.

Cullen decided Grandma needed help opening his her gifts.

He believes if it is gift-wrapped, it must be for him, no matter what the tag says.

Christian made Grandpa a sun-catcher.

He loved it. Or so he said.

I love this picture. I just wish it were actually in focus.

Each year I make a calendar for my dad. It has all the dates he should remember, but never does.

It started out as a joke several years ago, but now he says it's his most-anticipated gift each year.

Which really makes my heart smile.

Cullen is still trying to steal help Grandma open her gifts.

I etched her initials in a glass bowl... which I never even got a picture of!

But that didn't bother Cullen. He said it was his anyway. I guess he really needs a footed glass bowl with someone else's initials on it.

After all the gifts were opened, we ate a little more, then hurried home to bed so Santa could come.

More coming later...


MaryAnne said...

Love that chocolate face! The grandkids all look very related!

Someday we'll live close enough to grandparents to spend Christmas with them without getting on an airplane. Maybe...

That etched bowl looks awesome. No wonder Cullen wanted it!

Tracye said...

All seven of them are super-pasty-white, and obnoxious as they come! ;)

I hope you get the chance to live close to grandparents. I wouldn't trade it for the world. When I was growing up, my nearest grandparent was four hours away, and we didn't visit nearly as often as we should have.

Thanks, MaryAnne!