Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family Christmas #1

Right after Cullen's birthday party, we headed out to my in-laws' house for our first family Christmas celebration. This particular celebration includes bunches and bunches of people, and there's always waaaaay too much good food.

We all got our cameras ready for some shots of tons of kids going wild ripping wrapping paper to shreds. I was so excited to show Kelsey and Aunt Laura something I recently figured out on my own camera: how to custom white-balance to a specific room's light. I figured they already knew how to do it, and would be all, "Duh. I've been doing that, for, like, years now." But we all did it together, and all the cameras were ready.

So the kids dug into the pile!

"Come on, Bamaw!!! Get those presents passed out already!!!"

Patiently (?) waiting for his. Probably because he had just opened all his birthday gifts at his party!

My sweet sister-in-law, Kelsey, with my beautiful, always-happy niece, Harper.


More waiting...

NOW we're talking!

It's always so funny to me to watch the kids rip open their own gifts, then immediately go check out what everybody else got.

My mother-in-law found some flashlight rings, that the kids all LOVED.

Cavvie took this opportunity (read: the opportunity while Cullen was scoping out gifts) to play with Cullen's new tractor.

Gotta hurry and get lots of playtime in with it...

Because Cullen is bound to notice someone is touching HIS new tractor.

Aunt Laura was making her grandson, Austin, laugh with her HUGE red lips!

Cavvie JUST. LOVES. his cousin Harper.

He is fascinated by everything about her, and everything she does. I love watching him interact with her.

Makes me have hope that he will be the good big brother!

The day after Cullen's big birthday party, and the big family Christmas party, we headed back to my in-laws' house for a small Christmas celebration with them, my family, and my brother and sister-in-law and their kids.

It wasn't long before the kids got into the gifts all over again!

Even the big kids! We got Papaw a Hog hat, since he's from Arkansas (just like me!) and they're his fave team. I think he was okay with it.

Harrison didn't have any trouble opening his gifts...

Even though Cullen thought he needed a little help!

My sweet Cavvie. Bamaw made the boys boxes with their pictures on it.

Complete chaos.

Utter chaos.

I think Harper had it all figured out, too!

Christian got sooooo much this year! I think I need to get rid of everything she owned before Christmas, just to make room for all her new stuff. Think she'll mind?

Rick and adorable Harper. She needs another gift to open!

Cavan and Harrison looooooove their Papaw.

Hubs with my sweet baby.

See? Sweet. He loves his little cousin, and is always talking to her and smiling at her and touching her.

And my tall drink of water, Cullen. Look at that skinny little butt! No wonder he wears a belt every single day. It's the only way his jeans will stay up!

Kelsey put Harper on the floor for a bit, and Cavan jumped on it. He immediately started wiping her chin, saying she had "burped up."

Then they piled on Bamaw's lap for a while.

And Christian got in on the action.

It was a busy, hectic, jam-packed weekend, but we had a blast.

Stay tuned... more Christmas to come!


MaryAnne said...

That's the way to celebrate Christmas!

I need to learn that camera trick - off to google for help!

Kelsey said...

Cavan is going to make SUCH a good big brother! But honestly, all three of your kids are sweet siblings. I'm sure they are pretty excited to meet baby SISTER! :)