Monday, January 2, 2012

Cullen's Party... Two... or Maybe Three... Weeks Later

Cullen really wanted to have his party at Lowe's this year. Unfortunately for him, I put the halt on that one. Instead, I gave him the choice between a local gymnastics place and the kids' museum. He chose the gymnastics place. It's the same place we held Christian and Cavan's combined party this past June. Ahem, three and two months after their respective birthdays. 

The only party date and time available during the month of December was 9:00 in the morning on an already jam-packed Saturday. But that's what he wanted, so we grabbed it.

Since the party was so early, I kept it VERY simple, with push pops and sodas. I was crazy enough to need my sodas to match the color scheme of the party. And crazy enough to make labels for them.

I think they turned out adorable, and the kids loved them.

The cake pops were a huge hit. And super easy to serve. Bonus!

I bought matching vintage paper straws for the sodas... which were another hit. The kids just loved glass sodas and paper straws.

Mmmmmm.... these were the easiest birthday party treat I've ever served.

And yummy, too!

Cullen finally conquered his fear of the rock wall. YOU GO, CULLEN!!!

He also LOVED jumping off the platform into the foam bricks.

Christian waited at the top of the rock wall to scare her baby brother.

And Cullen jumped off the platform. Again. And again. And again, ad nauseum.

This is one of my most favoritest faces in the whole entire world.

When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday," Cullen couldn't wait to blow out his candles. In fact, Hubs had to keep the cake pop moving until the end of the song, so he wouldn't blow them out before we finished singing!



Cavvie loved all the sugar!

And we still have a few of these left over!

I can't believe my precious baby angel is five years old already!

Happy birthday to my Baby Love!

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