Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, 2011

Fall is always busy around here.

That was dumb.

Fall is busy for everybody.

Halloween weekend is particularly busy. I'll get on with it now.

You're welcome.

First up, was Red Ribbon Week. Christian's school did all the crazy dress-up themes like all the other schools do. But Friday was different. She was one of three fourth-graders in her class to be selected to walk in the school Red Ribbon parade. Each grade chose a different theme for their part in the parade. Fourth graders dressed up as famous/notable Texans. She was asked to dress as Barbara Bush.

I bought a suit off e-bay and borrowed some pearls. I found a wig at a costume shop that was the right shape, but it was dark brown. No problem, right? I had Hubs spray-paint it white. Only, it didn't turn out white. It looked more like Amadeus. So I had to figure something else out. In the end, I sewed an old pair of her white tights closed, and hot-glued unrolled cotton balls all over it.

She had so much fun, wearing that get-up to school!

Here, she's waving to her little brothers, who are bouncing up and down with excitement over seeing their big "Stister" walking in the parade. They thought she was all that and a bag of chips. And, truth be told, so did I. I was actually choked up watching her. Dumb, I know, but I'm one proud Momma.

Hubs worked so much last week, that he took the day off to join us. He chased her down for one last picture. She was so proud that her Daddy was there!

After school, it was time to get dressed for Aunt Laura's annual Halloween party. Didja hear the one about a cheerleader, a pirate and a sheriff? No? Me neither.

For all his wanting to be a pirate for the last two weeks, Cavan wanted NOTHING to do with his costume. But did I spend all that time, energy and money putting together his costume, only to let him go in jeans? Why no, no I did not.

We dubbed him, "Pirate McAngrypants."

Laura's party always starts with pictures.

I just love the little vignette she came up with! It makes even my kids look sweet and wholesome and innocent.

We never got the "money" shot, but we got a few cute ones.

My friend Nikki and her little guy Eli came this year. He was supposed to be a "Yeehaw," which translates to a cowboy in toddler-speak. But he had Cavan's attitude, and didn't want to put on his costume. Nikki is much nicer than I, and didn't force him. I did, however, receive a text and picture from her, saying they decided on a Texas Ranger... and I must say, he's the cutest little Texas Ranger I ever laid my eyes on!

We ate a bunch of food... Cavan ate a bunch of "pops,"... we visited and enjoyed a bonfire... and went home to crash.

Saturday evening, the kids donned their costumes again, for our town's 16th annual Scare on the Square. Kids trick-or-treat along the town square, and play games, go on hayrides, eat lots of junk, enter costume contests, and then sprawl on blankets and watch a movie projected on an exterior wall of one of the local businesses. It is so much fun. Especially the movie. We bought hot chocolate and popcorn and wrapped up tight, trying to stay warm.

Christian and Cullen are speed-walking to the square, despite our calls to wait for the rest of the family! There is CANDY to be had!!!

We stopped at the Library's table, where they had a lantern set atop a quilt. A high-school student read the Halloween book, "Hampire," to Cavvie, while he ate the candy they gave him.

Our sheriff always has a candy booth. He has a bowl of candy with a hand in it, and when the kids reach in for the candy, the hand clamps down.

Cullen got a kick out of watching others reach in...

But WOULD. NOT. reach in himself!

We bailed a little early on the outdoor movie. We were tired, cold and hungry... and Cullen had spilled an entire cup of hot chocolate on one of the quilts. So we ordered pizza and ate it while we watched "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," in the comfort of our jammies and warm living room. With the lights dimmed for effect. So it was all good. We still snuggled under blankets and got "all toesy," which is one of Cavvie's favorite things. He loves getting all toesy. Or, cozy, for those of you who do not speak toddlerese.

The Big Day finally arrived. Halloween. The night when children all over our great nation run from door to door and house to house, mindlessly grabbing as much candy as their treat bags will hold.

We started next door to the house we sold earlier this year. Which was one county over.

It's not often that you get your picture taken while trick-or-treating. At least by the person opening the door! Karon gave them suckers that are kind of a cross between ring pops and wax lips. They're ring pop-shaped lollies on one side, and the other has a crazy looking mouth. They were fun.

Next up, was my parents' house, another county over. Christian is SO. EXCITED. She's been wanting to go see them for a while.

They got the stuff from "the good bowl!" And even though it came from my parents, I still must do my own parental duty and thoroughly check those Whoppers, Snickers and Twix. Which sometimes includes a taste test. I'm not one to shirk my parental duties.

Grandma and I took the kids trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

And this little guy got lazy REAL QUICK. He suckered Grandma into carrying him ALL NIGHT. She got a workout, I'll say that! He'd walk down the sidewalk to her, and jump into her arms, whether she was ready or not!

See that face? He knows EXACTLY what he's doing. Little con artist.

Then this little beauty queen showed up.

Along with the Red Power Ranger. He's really filled out since I saw him last.

They played and ate junk and enjoyed each other. And then we made them sit together for a picture. Cuties, every last one of them.

But, as all good things do, the night came to an end. We loaded up and headed home... which was FOUR counties away. I didn't realize that until we were on our way home. We drove four counties to take our kids trick-or-treating.

But we had fun, and that's all that matters.


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