Monday, September 19, 2011

They Got Me

I celebrated my twenty-fifth   twenty-eighth  thirty-mumble mumble birthday this weekend.

I am so blessed to have these two gorgeous (inside and out) ladies in my life:

They took me to Houston to see... ahem... Paula Deen. She was at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show. We were a little disappointed, because she... well... she didn't cook. Anything.

Her husband Michael was there, and he cooked, but she regaled us with stories of her summer and her family and friends, and they both made a few jokes (which, as Nikki said, everybody has read in various e-mails). It was entertaining, but it wasn't what we thought it was going to be. We really expected her to COOK. SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Or at least give out the recipe for what Michael cooked. Nada.

We fought our way through the crowds at Reliant, shopping for ourselves and early Christmas presents, and then headed out into the RAIN! Yes, it rained all weekend!!! Hallelujah and Thank You Jesus!!! Sweet, blessed RAIN! So that's why my hair was lacking in the volume department. As Paula says, southern girls like big hair, so it gets them closer to Jesus. Well, Jesus liked my hair at the beginning of the day, but once it rained, well, not so much.

After the show, we went to P.F. Chang's. It was YUM. EEE. I had never been, and probably will never go again, since Hubs is not a connoisseur of Asian cuisine. But we liked it. We split honey crisp chicken, dan dan noodles, almond and cashew chicken, fried rice, and fried green beans. Everything was delicious. I'm still thinking about those green beans. And, SCORE! I just remembered I have leftover fried rice and almond and cashew chicken in the fridge. I know what I'll be eating for lunch in a bit!

They stuck a candle in a raspberry cheesecake and sang to me. It was also quite yummy. We had so much fun. Mostly to and from Houston. It was nice to have six hours with two of my favorite people, to do nothing but talk. And honey, did we talk!

When I got home, I noticed a wrapped gift in the kitchen. Hubs went on and on about how well he did this year, and how I could open it if I wanted, but then I wouldn't have anything to open on my actual birthday. So I waited. But I asked him if he had: 1. wrapped my gift in an empty diaper box, and 2. if he had weighted the box. He pled the 5th on both questions. The only thing I could guess he might have gotten me was Pioneer Woman's book, but the box was way too big for that.

So Sunday we awoke to pouring rain (thank you, Jesus!) and he got my favorite donuts for breakfast. Cullen was bouncing off the walls, begging me to open my gift.

I got a case of diapers. With an old (but clean) bath towel stuffed inside. Along with actual diapers.

And Pioneer Woman's book. :)

So I was right on all counts! Because I know him so well, and he knew what I wanted. He said he went all over town, and it was the LAST ONE. The bookstore he bought it from showed that they didn't have any, but someone scrounged one up.

Later in the day, after the boys (and I!) napped, Hubs woke me up, telling me we had to go! Now! RIGHT NOW!

Apparently, the electric company is going to be running our electric line this week on our land (YAY!) and he had to go to his parents house, load the tractor, and drive it back to our place. At that point I stopped listening to all we had to get done, but I heard "Blah blah blah, WE HAVE TO GO! blah, blah, blah, DAYLIGHT IS BURNING! blah, blah, blah, SO MUCH WORK TO DO BEFORE NIGHTFALL! blah, blah, blah."

"I love this wall. You should all have a wall just like this one. Because this one is really great. So I will lean against it and gesture to it, because I love it so much."

I dressed in old jeans, a holey t-shirt, and giraffe-print rubber boots. It had rained quite a bit, and I knew the land was going to be soggy, so I thought it was a fairly appropriate outfit for a day of work outside in the muck. (I have NO IDEA what I'm doing in that picture, but I'm fairly certain I'm not scratching or adjusting anything.)

But I did turn thirty-mumble mumble yesterday, and didn't really want to feel completely UG on my birthday, so I put on a faceful of make-up, my new lipgloss and new perfume, and I fixed my hair. All the while, Hubs is telling me we have to go, and I'm just going to get sweaty and ruin my hair and make-up anyway, so what's the point?

The point is, at this stage in my life, it's either a faceful of make-up or a burlap sack. You take your pick.

My dad had called earlier in the day, to wish me a Happy Birthday, and said something about taking us to dinner. I had a freak-out moment, thinking we were going to be out working, and they were going to stop by the house to pick us up for dinner. So I called them to clarify. They didn't answer. So I called his cell. He said they were just outside, but weren't coming today.

So we loaded up and headed to Hub's parents' house.

When we rounded the curve, I saw a bunch of vehicles in their yard, which is really nothing new. I mean, between the two of them, they have SIX VEHICLES at that house. Not counting the tractor or 4 wheeler. And there is ALWAYS someone over for dinner. I looked at Hubs and said, "Who's here?"

He said he didn't know.

As we turned into their drive, I saw BALLOONS. Tied to the gate. As in, "THE PARTY'S HERE!"

And lots of familiar vehicles.

And my dad.

The big liar.

Which were the exact words I yelled when I got out of the truck.

I. Had. No. Clue. This was coming. Or I would NOT have worn old jeans, a holey t-shirt, and RUBBER. BOOTS. To my party. Giraffe-print or not.

Inside my boots, my toes were pretty dadgum cute, since I was trying to impress Paula the day before.

We didn't get too many shots of my chic outfit, but we did get about 493 pictures of my butt. With Hub's hand reaching for it. And my ta-tas. I had no idea until I got home and downloaded them all. He's a perpetual twelve year-old.

Once I got over my shock, we partied, and ate, and then they broke out the cakeS.

My sweet baby girl baked and decorated two cakes for me, and my stepmom made YUMMY key lime bars and my friend, Karon made YUMMY chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling.

"Happy birthday to MEEEEEE!"  

While I was busy being serenaded, Cullen sneaked closer...


The little twerp.

My beautiful (and very stylish!) friend, Emily, re-lit them, and they sang to me all over again.

It's a tough job, but I took it on.

This time I got to actually blow them out allbymysay-ulf.

EVERYTHING was good.

Sooooooooo good.

Ahem. Tooooooooo good. :)

She enjoyed the fruits of her labor along with some homemade ice cream. I never got around to that. There was just so much to eat! And so many great people to hang out with.

Like these two.

Eli really enjoyed his cake, too!

Christian made me the sweetest. card. EVER. She also gave me a little figurine of a mother and daughter, sitting together, in white t-shirts and blue jeans. I love it. It reminds me of those faceless Willow Tree angels. Karon is an amazingly talented painter, and she's going to paint the hair to match mine and Christian's. The hair on the figures is just a little too dark.

See? Nice party outfit, huh? KLASSY. He is just sooooo lucky I did my hair and make-up. I think someone would be filing a missing person's report on him by now had I not.

Emily makes the best raspberry margaritas I've ever had. Well, actually, hers are the only raspberry margaritas I've ever had, but I can't imagine anyone making them better than hers. They're dangerous. Sinful. Soooooooooo goooooooood.

So she gave me some margarita glasses. She said she'd give me her recipe, but I told her I'd rather just have her come over and make some more! Because it's just not going to be fun to drink them without her.

My stepmom (and Dad, but he had no idea what "they" were giving me!) gave me a whole bunch of stuff I've really been needing lately, and she's the expert on, so I was SOOOOOO excited to see all that she filled that bag with.

And she can really fill a bag, let me tell you! Once I finish my big project, I'll post pictures and tell you what exactly she filled that bag with.

The last box I opened was a complete shock. COMPLETE. SHOCK.

I have been wanting a silhouette cutter forever, and have been telling Hubs for about five months that I'm going to order one, but just never get around to doing it.


He ordered it.

SHOCKED, I tell ya.

He had already given me the book I really wanted, so I thought that was it. And I was perfectly happy. Beyond happy. I had a new book that I've been wanting to read, I had an amazing surprise birthday party with sweet friends and treasured family, lots of very thoughtful and appreciated gifts, so I was set.

And he just took it one step further. I'm still so shocked that they all got me so completely. I really had no clue any of this was coming. I kept telling him last night how special and loved they all made me feel. I am just so blessed beyond words.

I have friends.

I have friends that are more like family.

I have the love of an amazing family.

I have it all.


Kelsey said...

What a great party. But. BUT. Tell that sneaky husband of yours that I'd like an invite next time. If I would have known about it we would have been there for sure! Looks like you all had a blast -- and boy did he do a great job with the gifts!

And btw, you DID totally rock those boots. :) You know how to make a holey t-shirt and jeans look fab!

Tracye said...

Definitely! I found out that he didn't invite quite a few people I would have loved to see there! But that's what you get with a surprise party. I read your comment to him... now he knows he better invite you!!! Which he should have known anyway...

He did awesome! Knocked my sox off!

:) Thanks for lying to me, too! ;)

MaryAnne said...

Happy Birthday!!!

What an awesome party! And those giraffe print boots make it extra-memorable =)