Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End of Summer

Our summer was long and lazy, which is just how I like it. We don't over-schedule, we don't go away for days or weeks at a time, and we generally don't have anywhere we have to be.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

There were a few weekends when we had two or three events, and that just makes this homebody twitch.

For the most part, it was staying up late, sleeping late, and playing hard.

This year we went out with a bang.

My mom visited from Nashville, and we made sure to get the most out of our time together.

We woke up at the crack of nine Sunday morning, and I made Belgian waffles and fruit smoothies for breakfast.

We took our time getting dressed, and hit the road, headed towards the Kemah Boardwalk. It's basically a year-round carnival, with lots of restaurants scattered among the games and rides.

Of course we stopped at Buc-ees on our way there. Got some beaver nuggets, some beef jerky, some fudge, a few cinnamon-roasted almonds. It was imperative that we get good, wholesome food in us to prepare us for the rigors of carnival rides.

And no trip to Buc-ees is complete without a few bags of toys for the kiddos.

We got to our hotel, but our Kemah tickets (part of our package) hadn't arrived yet, so we went down to the pool and walked around. The kids played a little golf.

Don't let the stance fool you.

I really think he's found his calling.

At the tender age of four, he just has that special "something."

I really think he's headed for a gold jacket one of these days.

His swing is just so.... so... pure. So raw.

This little guy was pretty good, too.

He didn't get the memo that cowbabies shouldn't squat with their spurs on.

Probably wouldn't matter, even if he did get the memo. He's not really what you'd call a rule-follower.

As evidenced by the fact that he didn't bother too much with using the club to bump the ball into the hole.

He found it was much faster to just use his hands.

She's really the only one that looks like she belongs out there.

But then again, she spent some time on the course with my dad this summer. He's a retired instructor.

They really wanted in the pool, but a cool front swept in, dropping the temperature to a balmy 87 degrees.

And Christian forgot her swimsuit.

So they climbed up on the rock waterfall and tolerated me taking a few pictures.

He's such a silly little boy.

And he's growing up too fast.

He's getting more handsome with every passing day.

This face makes my heart hurt. But in a good way.

They're all wearing new cowboy boots here. I bought FOUR pairs this week. All three of my babies had outgrown theirs, and I found a pair for me at a price that was almost free, really. Cullen and Cavan wear cowboy boots every. single. day. Cavvie even wears his with shorts. (Ugh. I pick my battles. Boots and shorts is not one of them.)

This was the only shot where all three of them looked relatively normal. Unfortunately, they weren't all looking at the camera.

So we tried again. But Cullen doesn't really appreciate his sister grabbing his head.


(He reminds me of my Gramma here. I don't really understand why. Oh. Wait. It's coming back to me. That's the face she used to make when my brother and I were driving her CRAZY. It's the face that usually accompanied her yelling "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" And then saying we weren't allowed to visit at the same time anymore. Good times.)

Hubs was trying to clean Christian's face...

And Cavvie took advantage of his Daddy's distraction to try to touch the lamp that I had just told the other two not to touch.

Right about this time, the hotel manager came out to the pool and gave us our Kemah tickets... so we headed there. We figured it was probably time to get the heck outta there, before we got escorted out. And not in a good way.

First thing the kids wanted to do was ride the carousel.

While we were in line, Cullen dragged my mom to one of the nearby games.

It was that "strong-man" game. The one where you hit the hammer as hard as you can on the platform and see how high you can make the ball fly up.

He loved that game! Unfortunately, he can wear his daddy's wedding band as a bracelet, so we weren't expecting much.

I was shocked that he won something! They gave him a stuffed dolphin. Mom said he told the lady, "I don't want an animal."

So mom told him to take it anyway, and maybe he could give it to someone.

So he (very sweetly) asked her if he could give it to Stister. Mom, of course, told him he could. (Made. My heart. MELT.)

Cullen ran over to Christian and held up the prize he had won for her. And she told him, "No thanks!"

But Cavvie wanted it, and he carried that thing around with him for the rest of the night. He now sleeps with his fishy. Which is kind of weird, but a lot of things about him are weird.

This is where Cullen sat during the carousel ride. He was perfectly content to sit on a bench and spin in circles from there. We were among the first on the ride, and the kids immediately headed to the second floor. Which was the right choice. You could really see the whole park from up there.

Christian rode the ostrich,

While Cavan chose a horse. Kind of appropriate, considering he's wearing spurs. There is nothing cuter than a wild, rough little boy in wranglers, cowboy boots, and spurs.

This is my mom and Cullen waiting for Hubs, Christian, Cavan and me to get off the ferris wheel. We tried to force encourage Cullen to ride it with us, but he wouldn't do it.

In total honesty, he. FUH-REAKED. OUT. It was like trying to stuff an octopus into a pair of pantyhose.

I'm guessing here. I haven't actually tried stuffing an octopus into a pair of pantyhose. But I bet my experience with Cullen and the ferris wheel comes pretty dang close.
Her's so preeety.

And Hubs apparently believes the camera will steal his soul if he cracks a smile. I now understand why people that meet him think he's so serious.

Hi Cullen! Hi Mom!

This is while we were standing in line, waiting to ride the train. Cullen was so tired. He asked Mom to hold him, and then just layed his sweet little head on her shoulder. I almost yanked him away from her, but thought that might be a little rude. Not that it wasn't rude of her to take MY BABY. But whatever.

After this, Hubs took the chillins to the car to watch a movie, while Mom and I rode the scary rides.

But first we stopped and got frozen margaritas.

That were 3 feet tall.


It was liquid courage.

It worked. We rode them all. And the liquid courage stayed down, even while the rides threw us all around, so I think everybody won.

I can't remember the last time I laughed so much.

And not just because I drank 36 inches of frozen margarita.

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MaryAnne said...

What a fun way to end the summer! Your kids are so adorable - I especially love the mini golf photos!