Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I love babies.

Specifically, I love my babies.

But I love my nieces and nephews, too.

We've called Cavvie, "Chubs" since he was born (among other, just-as-unflattering nicknames) because he weighed 10 pounds at birth.

He's not so much chubby anymore.

Quiet time is over.

The boys woke up from their naps full of energy.

I wish I woke up with that much energy.

Cavvie just gave me a sweet little kiss.

Or, as he calls it, a "tiss."

His breath kind of smells like peanuts.

Which is better than it could be, I guess.

I'm so sick of watching/hearing Caillou.

I got a couple things accomplished today.

I've been meaning to do them for a couple months now.

Cavvie pronounces "blue" as "buh-leeeew."

I love it.

I think we need to continue the working on obedience around here.

I'm cooking meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.

The kids LOVE meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Hubs doesn't.

But he won't be home until after dinner.

Hence, the meatloaf.

School is starting three weeks from yesterday.

I registered Christian yesterday.

I took the school secretary (and principal, teachers, et all) cupcakes.

They were butter pecan cake with brown sugar buttercream.

Hubs said they tasted like pancakes.

I'm not sure that was a compliment.

I thought they were yummy.

I hope Cullen gets to go to preschool here.

But I doubt they'll let him.

Either way, he'll start kindergarten next fall.

I can't wait.

And yet, I can.

I need to charge my iPod.

Baby peetsies are adorable.

I love that Cavvie truly believes his bo-bos are better after I kiss them.

Christian and I have had some enlightening conversations lately.

I need to put the laundry away.

Cavvie loves to "sit you," which means sit in your lap.

He's doing it now.

It's very hard to type while he "sits you."

I gave them divided "cafeteria-style" trays for lunch.

They had strawberries, blueberries, carrots, celery, ranch dip, pretzels, peanuts, crackers, and sesame sticks.

It was a success.

Cavvie just "hurt say-yulf," which means he needs me to "tiss" another bo-bo.

It's better now.

I gotta go.

I told Christian she could help me make the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

And then meatloaf.

Love that girl.


MaryAnne said...


love this.

Do you have a chocolate chip cookie recipe to share?

Anonymous said...

great kids... they are such a joy to us...three different people... amazing. love ya bamaw, grandma. or ma

kelsey said...

Fun post! Here are a couple of my takeaways:

- aren't sweet tisses from sweet boys the best?

- who in the heck names their kid Caillou anyway? Annoying. But I find Sid & Barney even more annoying.

- your husband won't eat meatloaf? Shocking! :)

- I now want a cupcake.


- I now want a cookie.

- I love that girl, too!