Friday, July 29, 2011

Your Thoughts Would Be Appreciated

What do you think?

I made this today, and am thinking about having it be my "logo" for my cake business.

I printed it out and mod-podged it to a cake box for the mother of a former student. She ordered two dozen cupcakes, and the box manufacturer had their logo (and the price of the box! Tacky.) on the box, so I originally printed a small one to cover that on the bottom. But then I thought, "Why not go all the way with this?" and printed out a large one and mod-podged it to the top of the box. It looks very professional and clean, and I'm quite happy with this method.

I just need opinions on the colors/fonts/shapes.


P.S. I do not live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Nor is that my phone number. So instead of calling me with your opinions, you can just leave a comment!


Erin said...

I like it! Love pink & brown together :)

Anonymous said...

i like it... classy and elegant mil

MaryAnne said...

I like it, and think it would work for formal as well as fun orders.

mzzterry said...

nice. love the colors and i think it looks elegant..... but *darn it* i was planning on calling you up at midnight since i had your phone number *wink* ;)

Tracye said...

Thanks, ladies. I keep looking at it and seeing aliens. But if you all think it's nice, okay. Thanks!

MzzTerry, I'll give you the real deal and you can call me up... as long as it's not at midnight!

Enjoy your staycation!

kelsey said...

Love it...and especially love that you are in "official" business! So awesome that a hobby can become a source of income and you are able to do what you love!