Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday's Festivities... Part 2 of Our Busy Weekend

After Saturday's big family party, we had to head home so I could finish the next cake on my radar.

It was for these adorable twin girls...

That this kid says he's going to marry someday. Side note: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He's my four year-old Baby Love! He CAN. NOT. be talking about who he wants to marry already!

Grumplestiltskin didn't want me to take his picture... but then, he never does.

Rick and Emily are adorable! Well. Emily is, anyway. ;)

That's their oldest son, Zach. He was trying to be obnoxious behind their sweet moment.

4/7 of our combined children played on the trampoline, with the sprinkler going,

While these two goobers tried to hotwire the Gator and find a real party. One that didn't include their lame parents. Because parents are like, soooooooo for babies.

Two words: Raspberry. Margarita.

Two more words: My. BFF.

These twerps had to make do with juice boxes. They were okay with that. Not that it would have changed things if they weren't okay with that.

He's the strong, silent type. Except when he's giving me grief.

And he wasn't exactly silent when Rick took an exaggerated sip of Emily's margarita. I belive the name, "Sally," was mentioned a time or twelve.

Oh. My. Good. NESS. My heart cannot take so much squishy, adorable baby cuteness in one place. I do believe this picture will be finding its way into a frame. But then I say that about most pictures of this sweet little face. And I have yet to frame any of them. BAD MOMMY!

Ummmm... Will? Sweetie?

With these three on the loose, you might want to get up.

Yeah. Before THAT happens. Sorry. I tried to warn you.

Oh! That's right! I'm writing this two days later.

So you probably didn't hear me, huh?

My boys investigated the playhouse...

While the girls jumped on the slip'n'slide.

She's. So. CUTE.

Wow, Christian! You got some air!

All the kids dried off, got dressed, and came inside for cake.

The candles just HAD to be placed in the exact right spot.

Zach got such a kick out of lighting the candles with the flexible lighter.

With each candle he lit, he had to twist the lighter into a new position.

Will and Christian, patiently waiting for all the candles to be lit, so they could sing "Happy Birthday," and get some CAKE!

The girls were patiently waiting for the same thing.

And now it's time: "Happy Birthday Maddie & Jessie!!!"

They got 'em!

And cake for us all.

They look fairly happy with it.


kelsey said...

ahhh...I dream of the day when I can just let my kids loose to play on there own while I sit back and enjoy a nice, delicious raspberry margarita. ;) Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the cake. And don't forget to post pics of Jakob's, too, so we can admire it through the internets :)

MaryAnne said...

That cake is awesome! And those twin girls look a LOT like one of Mike's cousins. Funny how that happens.

Gorgeous baby pic in there, you should definitely frame it!