Monday, July 4, 2011

Such a Busy, Busy Weekend

And it all started with a little boy's birthday party/family reunion/4th of July celebration.

I made the cake... which was supposed to be a purple guitar. I decided to add some silver airbrushed flames. I really like how it turned out.

My sweet sister-in-law brought my precious niece down for her first visit... and then left as soon as we got there! The. Nerve. ;) It was suuuuuuuuuuper hot out there, and the baby really needed to cool off. They came back later, though, so you'll have a little more eye candy at the end of this EPIC post.
My parents came... and were so happy to see Chubby Dubby.
 He was quite happy to see them, too! He's been asking about them a lot, and he got his fix on Saturday.
Poor Chubs has a black eye, and a small cut on his cheekbone. Apparently he had a run-in with some furniture at my in-laws' house.
But it didn't stop him from getting in the lake! Nothing did, actually. That kid swam all. day. long. Six hours, to be exact!
 This kid did, too. They had a blast! Played. And played. And played.
Here is the birthday boy's momma, Misty, and baby brother, Austin. Misty even did her toes red, white and blue! They were adorable!
 And Hubs, annoyed that I interrupted his conversation with Granny, to get a picture.

 Cullen thought he needed to hijack this kayak... but he wasn't brave enough to actually get in!
 So he just dragged it around my aunt's cove.
LOVE this picture. This is Hubs, with Chubs, and Granny. Maybe we should call her Grubs. So it rhymes. But that's not really flattering, or accurate, so maybe we'll just stick with Granny.
My dad got Cullen a little canned drink from the cooler, which he then carried around the whole day, unopened, and sucked the condensation from. Approximately 28 people asked him if he needed his drink opened, but he was adamant that it remain sealed. He was content with ice chips and water droplets, I guess. And an apple. He carried that around, too.


THERE'S THAT BIRTHDAY BOY! Aunt Laura cut up a watermelon, and kids came from all over to get a piece.  Or three. It was my first watermelon of the summer, and it was goooooooooood.
Cullen temporarily exchanged his (unopened) drink for a slice of watermelon. He even swam around with his drink/apple combo, and his watermelon/apple combo.

Hubs thought he would spit seeds at us... and one hit its mark. Actually, two. There's another one stuck to his chubby little back.
Aunt Laura had the cutest koozies made up for the party! Chubby wasn't very far from one of these all day.
 Hubs, visiting with Aunt Roxie and Uncle Wade.
 Aunt Laura, giving her hot grandbaby something coooooooold to drink. I. LOVE. his. hair.
 Cullen and Jakob trying to hijack another kayak, but unwilling to put their drinks/snacks down to do so.
 Chubs almost got away with this one!
 But he got kicked out before Cullen could push him out in the middle of the lake and abandon him.
My dad thought a cow (on the other side of the lake) was in the water... so I put on my big lens to find out. Sure enough, it was! It. was. HOT.
 Whatcha getting a picture of, Misty?
 Ah. I see. I'd say that's pretty camera-worthy.

 Cara and Cavan were sooooooo cute!
 They were working together to get that chair into the water.
 Which they did.
 Momma Corri and Grandpa Wade are watching the little cuties.

 My goodness, but they had fun on this.
 Once Cavan went down the first time, he was HOOKED.
 Uncle Wade was so sweet and helped him up again each time.
 My turn!
 On the belly this time!
But he came up laughing, and Uncle Wade grabbed him up quick! I think Cavvie slid down another 1,583 times.
 Beach baby.
 Christian is showing her Daddy the prize she won in the Candyland game.
I don't want to watch him!
 And then protesting chasing her baby brother back out to the water trampoline/slide thingy.
 Once she got up there with him, she had fun.

 She is such an amazing big stister.

 He slid down...
 And she started jumping...
 As he ran for the ladder. Again.
 Grandma watched it all, and relaxed under the trees.
 So did Grandpa.
Aunt Laura didn't get to relax much. She spent most of the day running around, making sure everybody had what they needed. And taking, are you ready for this? Over 1,100 pictures. She did a phenomenal job, too! I took 170, and I thought that was alot!
 Drink up, Dad! It's hoooooooot out here!
This is my adorable niece, Harper. She's two months old, but she came waaaaaaaaay too early. Since Dad LOVES tiny babies, he held her for a while.
I don't think she even knew we were there! She was quite content, sitting in the papasan chair my dad's lap made!
I just love this picture of Uncle Deano. He belongs to Aunt Laura, and spent most of his day at the barbecue pit.
I know I keep bragging on my photography skillz... but here I go again! I love this picture of my father-in-law. It's how I picture him (without the new mustache, though!) in my mind when I think of him.
Once Uncle Rick and Aunt Kelsey got back to the party, Christian wouldn't quit jumping on his back! She told me she really wanted him to get wet!
 Sweet baby Austin's first birthday is coming up next!
 Kelsey and Rick cooled off... a little... in the lake...
 While my nephew, Harrison, played close by.
I (only!) uploaded about a third of the pictures I took. You're welcome. Blogger's being a jerk right now, and won't let me upload a picture of Jakob's cake. Maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow. Or next week. Whatever.

Since I'm here,



MaryAnne said...

What a great family day!!! It wasn't nearly as hot here (upper 80s), but we didn't have our own private cove to hang out in, either. That is awesome. And you got some fabulous pictures!

And it's good to see that little 2mo baby who came too early looking so healthy!!!

kelsey said...

You got some great pictures! I'm a little jealous...I haven't uploaded mine yet but considering I didn't even bring my good camera, I might just have to steal some of yours.

It was a fun day. I had no idea they had parties like that every year! Sad that we missed a lot of it, but still had a great time.

LOVE the expression on Cavan's face when his daddy spit a watermelon seed at him. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

You really missed your calling, Tracye--you should have been a writer. It's never too late. Pics are great. Boy do I look like my mother!

Tracye said...

@MaryAnne, it was a lot of fun! On the way there, the temp gauge on the car said 100... I think it was higher than that, though! Little Baby Girl is in the 90th percentile for weight!!! She's doing great!

@Kelsey, you can take all of them you want! I thought you knew about the parties every year! You've been missed!

@Pat (I think!), you are looking very much like Grandma! She was beautiful and so are you! And thanks for the compliments!