Friday, July 29, 2011

I Could Stand a Few More Days Like This

Don'tcha just love days when you give the kids a bath before leaving the house, and then go only one place where they sit the whole time, so they're not at all dirty when it's bedtime?

And don'tcha just love when the dentist cleans their teeth, and paints fluoride on them, and tells you not to brush their teeth before bedtime?

And don'tcha just love when, on the way home you're trying to come up with what you're going to cook for dinner, you remember you made stuffed shells last week and froze a fully cooked, from-scratch meal, all ready to go into the oven without the least effort at all from you?


Me, too.


MaryAnne said...

If only they happened more frequently than once a decade or so =)

kelsey said...

Sounds like an awesome day!

Sadly, I have a child who somehow manages to get filthy drinking water and a baby who spits up so much she doesn't even smell clean 5 minutes after her bath.

But I only have one set of kids' teeth to brush. I'm sure a free pass with three saved you a lot of time.

And what a great idea to freeze meals ahead of time. I need to get on the ball with that because my 3 go-to easy meals I've been alternating are getting pretty old!

Tracye said...

I know! They don't come around very often, that's for sure!

Kelsey, some meals (like stuffed shells and chicken spaghetti) make so much, they would go bad before they're eaten. So I just put half or a third into different lidded casserole dishes, and stick them in the freezer. Worked well for me yesterday!