Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sweetest Party Ever

This year, Christian's birthday fell right after our big move. And on the day of my stepmom's retirement party. She spent her entire adult life working as the accountant of her school district, and we wouldn't miss her colleagues honoring her, so Christian didn't get a party. Or even a cake. Unless your grandmother's retirement party cake counts. Which I don't think even I can justify. :)

And then Cavan's birthday was three weeks later, and I didn't feel right giving him a party when we hadn't even celebrated Christian's birthday.

And then (more excuses, anyone?) we were looking down the barrel at the end of the school year, and tests, parties, award ceremonies, etc... Before I knew it, her birthday was three months gone, and Cavvie's two. I felt terrible. She had told me she wanted a party at a gym in the metropolis one county over (insert sarcastic tone here) so I scheduled a combined party for the first available opening... which was yesterday. And we were underway!

She wanted a Candyland party, so here was my take on it:

A sweets table. The owner of the gym just LOVED this setup. She kept going on and on about how cute everything was and wanted to know how I came up with my ideas... it's called "Too Little Sleep."
 I made six different cupcake/filling/frosting combinations. She wanted peppermint, so some were chocolate cake with peppermint filling and peppermint buttercream, with some crushed mints on top. Some were chocolate cake with white chocolate truffle filling and vanilla buttercream and chocolate sprinkles, my personal favorite!
 We had glass jars filled with candy. These were Mike and Ikes. You can see one of the party favors in the background. I made tags that read: "Thanks for making our party so sweet! Christian & Cavan"
 We had Whoppers, chocolate-covered peanuts, caramel corn, Tootsie Pops...
gumballs, Sour Patch kids, and more cupcakes. From the top down: peanut butter cake with peanut butter filling (some had chocolate buttercream and some had vanilla; they all had mini Reese's cups on top), vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and Whoppers on top, and strawberry lemonade cake with lemon curd filling and strawberry buttercream.
Why yes, yes I am obsessive enough to make wrappers for the juice boxes so they match the rest of the party. And no, no I do not have that much free time. It's called middle-of-the-night crafting.
Here is a rare photo of me. The only reason I even have it is because my sweet friend insisted that I needed a photo of me next to all my hard work.
The kids and I rolled the napkins and tied them with colorful ribbon and put them in a wire wine basket given to me by my mother. She bought it from Southern Living eons ago, and I think it's been living in the trunk of her car since the day she received it. I think. But who am I to judge? I have Teddy Grahams living on the floor of my car. And pretzels. And popcorn. And one day I turned around to see Cavan eating a McDonald's chicken nugget. And we hadn't been there in at least two weeks.
Here's my Daddy. He's standing next to my pride and joy. Yes, I bought one. On clearance. With free shipping. SCORE!!!
Here is one of my gorgeous nieces. She is beautiful, and brilliant, and sweet. And she matched our party!
And here is one of my nephews. Also adorable, brilliant and sweet. And by the end of the party: sweaty. VERY SWEATY.
And here is one of Christian's boyfriends. I say "one of," because she has a few. This one happens to be the son of Hub's BFF, a.k.a. Hub's work wife. Or work hubs. Whatever. This kid is a sweetheart.
Here is one of my friend's sons. Also a cousin of  my niece and nephews. I've been friends with his mom since I was in ninth grade. Funny story: I got married. Then she got married. Several years went by. She got pregnant. Then I got pregnant. She had a girl. Then I had a girl. Then she got pregnant. Then I got pregnant. She had a boy. Then I had a boy. Then she got pregnant. Then I got pregnant. She had a boy. Then I had a boy. My kids are all six months behind her kids, and their body types are all identical! Christian and Hannah are sweet, dainty little girls, Cullen and Braeden are skinny, tall drinks of water, and Cullen and Blake are chubsters!!! I told her I swear I wasn't copying off her paper. She told me she was done and I was on my own from now on!!!
Here is Hub's BFF's other son. He's adorable! And knows it!
Here is my friend's other son, Blake, running up and down the play structure.
Here is Christian and her teeny-tiny little BFF, Brooke.
And here is my friends-since-ninth-grade, always-pregnant-together-friend, Kimberly.
Cousin Savhannah, who is growing way too tall and beautiful, waaaaaay too fast!
Here is Braeden & Blake's sister, and Kimberly's daughter, Hannah.
Chubbers, running around the gym floor.
He loooooooved these giant balls. He'd run-run-run, then BAM! Completely bowled over.
See? Bowled over.
One of Will & Zach's sisters, either Maddie or Jessie. I can't ever figure out which is which.
Playing on the mountain.
My mil, a.k.a. "Bamaw," put Chubs on top of Savhannah, and bounced them together! Cavan loved it!
Kids jumping in one of the foam pits!
Here is my friend, Emily, a.k.a. Zach, Will, Maddie & Jessie's mom. I convinced her I had put the camera down... GOTCHA!!!
Here's my friend, Kim, going down the... um... pipe? Fireman's hose? Not sure what you call it. But she did it!
And Cavvie climbed the rock wall over. And over. And over. And over.
And gave me a heart attack every. single. time. The kid has no fear. But it's okay. I have enough for both of us.
Here's my oldest nephew coming out of the slide...
Followed by his little brother.
Chubs saw how much fun they were having, so he climbed right back up that rock wall, followed by his older cousin, and they slid down together.
And then he climbed up behind Will. Jakob entered the arena to see if the kids were really having as much fun as it looked like they were having.
Cullen took a break by the foam pit... and it looks like Savhannah is about to put a block to his head!
Then they all jumped back in.
It looked like they were having TONS of fun!
Ummm... I don't have any idea what is going on here. But that smile! It's the stuff dreams are made of!
The zip line. It looked like lots of fun, so I decided to try it.
I have no idea what I said here, but the gym employee was laughing pretty hard. I'm almost certain whatever I said was kid-friendly, since my nephew is standing right next to me. Fairly certain.
I guess he was tired of me talking, and just wanted to get the show on the road already, so he could go again. Because it looks like he pushed me down. But surely he wouldn't do that.
And I'm off!
I must be insane to post this picture on the Internet. All in good fun.
And now it's Kim's turn!
And my Dad. Let's zoom in a little, shall we?
That's better. I do believe I've found the cover to the family calendar I make for him every year at Christmas!
There he goes!
And there he went! I couldn't stop laughing, and my stepmom has the video to prove it!
Here's Rick. I think he did the zip line better than anyone. The big jerk. ;)
Christian and her cousins and friends playing in the rolling wheely thingy. Hannah told her mom that Christian looks just like Judy Moody! I thought that was pretty cute.
Rick again, showing us all how the cool kids do it.
And making Christian wonder why he's all up in her grill when she's trying to make her birthday wish.
Cavvie doesn't care what's going on around him. He's just concerned with getting that icing into his mouth.
Mmmmmm... Icing....

I think Blake is wondering where his cupcake is!
Two precious, sweet, chubby baby boys.
I think this is one of my favorite pictures ever.
And this one, too.
We tried to get all the cousins together for a group shot... but poor Cavan had just fallen down the stairs...
And wasn't really in the mood to smile.
Sweet Cayden tried to comfort him.
Or maybe he just wanted Cavan to quit wailing in his ear.
I don't think I'm going to have their, umm, divided attention for much longer.
Those lollipops helped, just a little, but sugar only goes so far.
I LOVE those six little knees on the front row. Absolutely precious.
One last effort: GROUP HUG!
I don't know what Cullen thinks a group hug is, but that isn't it.
Aaaaaaaand... WE'RE DONE!

Christian couldn't wait to get in the car and start in on her favorite party favor. I love this picture.

It was a great day. I think the number of sweaty, red-faced kids we sent home with giant bags of sugar in their little hands proved that.

Three months late or not.


MaryAnne said...

I'm all about sleeping instead, but that table setup is fabulous!!! And that looks like an awesome place to hold a birthday party!

Morgan Matula said...

How fun!!!!! :) My oldest had it at the same place before they added the new piece. She and her friends had a blast there!! You are such a fantastic mommy!!!

Morgan Matula said...

Your such a great mommy!!!:)

Tracye said...

Thanks, ladies! It was a really great place, and I think they all had fun!