Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Not a Beach Bunny

Maybe it's because I really, really like doughnuts.

But it's probably also because I'm pretty white.

That's actually a bit of an untruth. I'm actually more blue-ish than white.

And I hate the beach. I prefer air conditioning. And feeling clean. I have yet to find an air-conditioned, sand-free beach.
 This little guy likes the beach, though. 

 That's him, right next to his Daddy.

 What surprised us all was how much Cullen loved the beach.
 Cavan was a bit of a daredevil yesterday.
 But that's not surprising at all.
 They played in the waves for hours.
 They played in the sand, too.
 I think this was Cavvie's first trip to the beach... that I remember, anyway!
 We bought some shovels and pails and things to make the trip a little more fun.
 But their favorite thing to play with...
 Turned out to be the water itself.
 I think that's about how much sand I washed out of his clothes last night.
 Where'd the water go??? It was just here!
 Working together to build a masterpiece...
 That the ocean would destroy.
 He really, really likes doughnuts, too.
 But it's so much cuter on him.
 I really don't think that's fair.
 He's white like me, too.
 Still cuter on him.
 Why does the water keep leaving me???
 Dadgum, but I love this face.
 These are a couple of my faves, too.

 Cullen LOVED jumping in the waves.
 Which shocked us all.

 Oooooh! She's about to get a mouthful of salt water!
 One second you'd be standing in ankle-deep water...
 And the next second you'd be in water up to your knees.
 The tide was really strong.
 This happened to us all. A lot.
 And then they'd get enough nosefuls of salt water, and play on the beach for a bit.
 This one... oh, this one. He would have walked out to sea if we'd have let him.

 Just before I took this, she was completely covered with water.


It was a beautiful day, and we all had a blast. They're already asking to go back.