Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sophisticated Dinner Conversation

Monday night we had the in-laws over for dinner. I had a roast I was planning to cook, but at the last minute wussed out and thought it wouldn't be enough... so I made an emergency trip to the grocery store.

I left the house at 3:48. I drove (slowly, through a school zone) to the grocery store, went inside, and bought 14 items: a bigger roast, red potatoes, carrots, bananas, grapes, strawberries, eggs, bacon, biscuits, 2 packages of dinner rolls, coffee, and nestle's quik. I checked out, loaded my bags into the car, and left. I got home and looked at the clock just before I got out of the car. It was 3:56.

I had driven to the store, shopped, and driven home in eight minutes.



And that is when I admitted that there MAY be advantages to small-town living.

I cooked both roasts that night, but we only ended up eating the one I already had. The second one wasn't touched. Which was fine, because I wasn't crazy about it. It was on the tough and dry side, and the carrots were still crisp. Which annoyed me, because I marinated the meat for a couple hours before I cooked them and put the carrots in during the last hour of cooking. {SIDE NOTE: The second, bigger roast just happened to be a "Nolan Ryan" roast. I have no idea what that means, except it was the only kind the store carried, and cost about two dollars more per pound.}

So last night I put the Nolan Ryan roast, the leftover carrots and the juices back into a clean roasting pan, and slow-cooked them for a couple hours at 275.

They were delicious. They were moist, tender and full of flavor.

As we were eating, I told Hubs, "This roast is so much better than the other one."

He said, "I know. The whole texture and flavor is completely different."

I replied, "It's annoying, though, be-"

Hubs interrupted, "It's a Nolan Ryan, baby!"

I said, "I know, but-"


"Yes, I get that it's-"


"OKAY. I know it's a-"


Big sigh from me at this point. I obviously wasn't going to win this conversation. So I gave up.

Hubs answered a question from Cullen, once he figured I wasn't going to say anything more.

I took that opportunity to turn to Hubs and quickly say, "It cost $14. Two dollars more per pound than the other one."


Dear. Lord. Help. Me.


@homemamabear said...

that's too funny!!!

kelsey said...

I had to laugh out loud at this. Apparently our hubbies are both madly in love with Nolan Ryan. I thought it was just mine who harbored the crazy affection, but now I see it's yours, too (although I can promise that mine wouldn't think twice about paying the extra money to "support" his hero :/ I'm so glad they don't carry that brand here!). I guess they met him or saw him at a Whataburger one time? You would think I would know every detail of the story by now considering how many times I've heard it.