Monday, April 25, 2011

I Have Some Thoughts

Every now and then, anyway. ;)

And I have pictures to show you.

LOTS and LOTS of pictures.

But at the moment, my house is filthy. A long weekend, and everybody at home (for the very first weekend since we moved) makes for a very dirty house, very quickly.

So I'm just popping in for a sec to say I'm still here.

Cullen is currently in time-out (and I'm using a very cute egg-timer to show him exactly how long he has to stay there; thanks, Kelsey!) but once he's out I'm kicking the boys outside to play. Hopefully I'll get something done while they're out.


MaryAnne said...

Weekends always make my house dirty. And now we have a week of rain, which also a very dirty house makes...

Good luck cleaning yours!

Tracye said...

Oh, I wish we had even an hour of rain! So dry, everything's dying and leaving just the dirt. We're not even into drought season, yet.