Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally... A Tour of (some) of the House

You only get to see a few rooms. Mainly because I'm lazy and haven't made my bed, or any of the kids' beds today.

And probably also because I haven't made them put their toys away or pick up their dirty clothes. So today, you just get to see the "common areas."

Ready for a tour?


Get over it; I'm showing you anyway. :)

First up is the living room.

The French doors to the left open to the screened-in porch. That's where I send the kids when they're 1. driving me crazy, or 2. I've run out of alcohol.

Oh, I kid.

Not really.

The white doors at the end of the room open to the workout room, where we have some exercise machines and a tv. It's the room the kids watch tv in most of the time. The doorway to the right is to the dining room.

This is just another shot of the living room. It's not nearly this dark, but all the windows mess up the aperture on my camera, and I'm not a good enough photographer to overcome that.

The ceiling in here is about twelve feet, and those velvet/silk embroidered curtains go almost to the top. Those windows and curtains are one of my favorite things in this room.

This is looking back the other way. The boys' room is right next to that chair on the far wall. It's directly opposite the workout room.

Here's the dining room. You can see into the kitchen when the (swinging) doors are open, and they hide the mess when they're closed. Which is nice. :)
Not that I ever have a messy kitchen.

Because I don't.


Anyone believe that?



Movin on. The door to the right leads to the living room. You can see the molding on the boys' door through that doorway. But hopefully you can't make out the mess that dominates their room right now.

That hutch on the right is flanked by sconces. The hutch is usually filled with about eleventy-billion cowboy hats of all sizes and colors, but Hubs and the kids have been wearing them alot lately, and none of them are really great about putting things away. Even if they walk by the space that the hats belong in forty-seven times a day.

I haven't quite figured out what is going to be my table centerpiece, so for now I have those three candlesticks. But I'm not crazy about it. I'm also not too crazy about the deer skulls on the hutch... but that's really the only space in which they fit.

This is the dining room, looking into the library.

Aaaaaaaaaand now you see why we call it the library. Believe it or not, I know I'm missing a few books. I think we must have mis-labeled a box, and put it into storage by mistake. I've put most of our family pictures in here, mixed in among all the books.

That painting over the built-in cabinet is (I think) the last surviving painting my maternal grandfather painted. It was the first thing I hung up in this house. I remember it hanging in my parent's living room when I was little. I think the rest of Papa's paintings have all been destroyed in a flood, which makes me terribly sad. He was a very talented artist.

This is a really great room with lots of recessed lighting on dimmers. I rock Cavan in that brown glider when he's sleepy, but not quite ready for bed, and sometimes I just sit and read quietly in here until the kids notice I've disappeared. Then they all pile into my lap and make me read to them.

This is standing in the library, looking back into the dining room. You can see through the dining room into the entry hall, which is about seven feet wide and 30 feet long. There's a little niche in which I've hung a few pictures of the kids. The white door is one of our closets, and down that short hall is the master bedroom and bath.

And speaking of the master bath... here it is. It's the only bathroom in the house that is outside a bedroom, so guests will probably use it when they're here.

It's weird that the master bath is not in the master bedroom, but the doors to both rooms open right next to each other. The library is part of the suite, so it gives a little more privacy to the bathroom.

I love the clawfoot tub and vessel sink. The sink is hammered bronze and is adorable. I think my favorite thing about this bathroom, though, is the tub's faucet. I don't think it's antique, but it looks like it. It has a little handheld sprayer that makes it as efficient as a shower.

I had a "Sleeping With the Enemy" moment the first couple times I took a bath in there. It was at night, and I just had the wall sconce on, so the bathroom was peaceful and dim. And something made me turn my head and look at the door, which is original to the house, which is 150 years old. In that moment I realized that these old doors have keyholes that skeleton keys unlock... and people outside the door can stick their creepy eyeballs up to the keyhole and watch someone take a bath in an antique clawfoot tub... without them knowing. (SHUDDER.) But I've gotten past it.

And that's where this tour stops today.

Maybe someday I'll get around to straightening up the kids' rooms, and hanging stuff on their walls, and then photographing it all to show you...

But I'm going to be upfront and say it's probably not going to happen.


Hope your weekend was wonderful!


Crystal said...

Your house is lovely! I especially like the dining room and library. I do hope you will show us the rest of it! :-)

Kimberly Davis said...

I love it! I can't wait to come visit!!

Melanie said...

Love love the house. I want to come see it in June. I totally had the same tought about the sleeping with the enemy thing. Haha

MaryAnne said...

What a gorgeous house!!! I'm impressed that your common living areas are this clean, never mind the bedrooms!

kelsey said...

Guh-orgeous! I absolutely love all of the antique touches. Can't wait to get the "real" tour!

And on a side note - I'm very jealous that your baby boy lets you rock him. Mine will have no part in that nonsense. *tear*

Tracye said...

Thanks everyone!


MaryAnne, the kids weren't at home when these pictures were taken! I can assure you it doesn't look like that now!

I can't wait for you guys to come, either, Kelsey. That just means there will be a new baby for you to rock in there! She'll let you!!!

And so will Harrison, once she gets here. You have NO IDEA just how jealous Cavan gets of ANY child sitting in ANY parent or grandparent's laps! He'll want your attention, too!

Darcie said...

I love those windows in the living room. Seems to be calling a goup of gals, "Come, sit, have a glass of wine!" : )