Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cavvie-Cav's First Haircut

His little baby hair was getting too long.

TRANSLATION: It had gotten too long months ago, and I just didn't want to cut off his sweet little baby curls.

But I finally decided it was time, and took him to the salon I've been going to for about five years. He was quite excited to be there.

He just calmly sat there, patiently waiting for her to finish. Like the sweet, good little boy that he is. (Calling things that are not as though they were.)

I can-not believe they're doing this to me, and you're just sitting there,
taking pictures of the whole thing!

 Isn't him handsome??? Sweet, happy baby boy. Just two months before his second birthday. I got Cullen's hair cut for the first time right after his first birthday, because his hair grows so much faster than Chubber's does. I remember they gave me a certificate that mentioned something about graduating from babyhood, and thought, "OH NO SHE DI-INT!"

So I waited with Chubs. For my own selfish sake.

Sweet, precious baby angel. Good-tempered. Gentle. Kind. Loving.

Or maybe he just didn't like being photographed in front of a display of purses and jewelry? Who knows.

And now for a little eye candy.

He was sitting on the couch, watching "Taillou" (Caillou) the other day, when I couldn't pass up getting some shots of his sweet little dimpled arms.

Him's ambidextrous.

Oh, how I love this pudgy, squishy little baby boy!


kelsey said...

It's amazing to me just how much all 3 of your kids look alike. Seriously! And they are so freakin' cute that I think you should just keep on having more and more.

Love his new haircut!

Tracye said...

I KNOW!!! (In Monica Gellar's voice, of course!)

We make one kid, over and over and over again.

And, um, how 'bout *you* keep having more and more??? I think I'm done!

MaryAnne said...

He is crazy adorable!