Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big News!

Well... to some of you. I'm going to be an aunt!!! AGAIN!!! My sweet sister-in-law is pregnant with her second; a girl! Harper will be my third niece, and I'm sure every bit as beautiful as her mommy. This makes SIX nieces and nephews for Hubs and me, and we can't wait to meet her! Kelsey had a tea-party baby shower this past weekend at an adorable tea room in Houston. Christian and I got all dressed up and fancy and went with Aunt Laura. We met my mother-in-love (when the subject of eating habits inevitably came around, one of Kelsey's friends asked me if Hubs had always hated casseroles. I snarkily turned the attention to my mil, to let her respond! Kelsey's friend said, "OH! This is your mother-in-love, too!" I loved that!) at the shower. Christian got the honor of sitting next to her aunt and bugging her to open our presents next! Our cousin owns a very shee-shee-la-la baby boutique in town, and her shop was well-represented at the shower! She has adorable stuff. And lots of stuff you've never heard of but absolutely need!
Christian was very excited to give Kelsey the hair bows she picked out for Harper, and the little animals she made (with a birthday gift from my dad and stepmom) from her newest crafting stuff.

I got the honor of making the cake for the shower. It was strawberry cream, so that the inside would be as pink as the outside! Unfortunately my camera never captures the sparkles I put on the cakes. Oh well. It had some sparkle.

Christian and Kelsey and the baby in her bellah!

We had lots and lots of yummy girl food, and of course, all the tea we could drink.

Katie was so creative! She made little tu-tus and folded them into poufs for the centerpieces, and then made matching flower hair clips that ran the length of the table. So Harper will come out a shiny little tu-tu/sparkly flowery hair clip-wearing beh-beh!

Seriously, it should not be allowed that she is this beautiful. Makes the rest of us feel like frumpy schlubs. Oh. Wait. Maybe that's because we are! ;) Just kidding! But thankfully, she's even more beautiful on the inside. If you can imagine all that prettiness in one place!

Anyway, we're all eagerly anticipating Miss Harper's arrival. And we had the most fun we've ever had at a shower!

I just have to add this: Aunt Laura was hands-down my soul-mate-travelling partner. We had such a blast coming and going. Or going and coming. Whatever. It was a really awesome day, and I will treasure it always.


kelsey said... have me blushing over here! Your words are far too kind. BUT, frumpy schlub? That describes to a T how I feel about myself when I'm pregnant! I think you had us all mixed up, because you looked absolutely beeeeauatiful and glowing. And I can't believe you said that you never wear dresses b/c girl, you wore it well!

Thank you SO much for coming (and of course for bringing that precious niece of mine), for baking the amazing cake, and for all of the sweet and adorable gifts. It's always great to see you and I just wish we could make it happen more often than it does!

Tracye said...

You're so funny! You could have EIGHT babies in there and not look like a frumpy schlub! Thanks, AGAIN, for the compliments. I wish we could see you guys way more often, too. Speaking of that, Hubs and I were talking the other day that we want to come see you guys for a day, and help you in any way we can... laundry, grocery store, cooking, cleaning, watching tv... whatever!

MaryAnne said...

How exciting! Congratulations to your SIL! She really does look gorgeous, and I love your cake, too!

Tracye said...

Thanks, MaryAnne!

See, Kelsey???