Monday, March 28, 2011

An Actual Post! With Pictures and Everything!

As long as "everything" means just pictures and writing.

First things first.

We're all moved in and settled. All the boxes are unpacked, but I haven't put everything where I think I want it just yet. This house is about twice the size of the one we sold, and it's taking me some time to figure out where it all needs to go. I am quite proud of the fact that I've let go of so much stuff recently. A friend said that every time you move, it's like experiencing a loss through fire, since you get rid of so much stuff. I can definitely agree with that.

Here are the only two pictures we've taken in this house so far. They're of the kitchen. The beautiful, beautiful kitchen. My sweet friend arranged all my stuff for me. I had no idea my dishes could look so cool! I kept telling her, "I don't know what you're going to do. Nothing I have is worthy of displaying." She's gold, baby! Solid gold! This is pre-pots-in-the-potrack. Thankfully, the ceiling is so high that when all the pots are hanging, you can still see the person you're talking to across the island. The little desk is where Christian does her homework and I look up recipes and pay bills.

The dishes in the cabinet are the dishes my grandmother gave me. My grandfather brought them back from the war to her. Don't ask me which war. I don't remember. I should write that in Sharpie marker on the bottom of the dishes. So I'll remember. Because I think I've asked my mother 3,962 times. Oh well. I guess this will be 3,963. The wineglasses were given to me by a sweet friend this past Christmas. They hold about half a bottle of wine in each glass. Which I'm not sure is a bad thing.

The kids are happy here, if the amount of running up and down the (over 50 foot-long) hall is any indication. For the record, pier-and-beam foundations, wood floors, and 3 little children with excessive amounts of energy is enough to drive a person batty when they're trying to watch a cake show. Just sayin.

Anyway. Hubs and I have spent the last year searching for the perfect house plan, with no luck. Our last house we picked out of a book of plans, but we haven't found just what we want this time around. So we tried (for a few months) drawing up our own. But there was always something we didn't like. An architect drew up some plans (from the list of wants and don't-wants we gave a builder), but we weren't crazy about them, either. So a couple weeks ago I got out graph paper and a pencil and drew up house plans while the boys were napping. I thought they were pretty good (the plans; not the boys), but I was expecting Hubs to have something negative to say about them when he got home from work.

Well. He thought they were the best plans he had ever seen! I was ecstatic! We are finally moving forward. I re-drew the plans using Excel, and we have submitted them to four builders for bids. Our land is cleared around the area where the house will be, and now we just have to put a road in for the heavy trucks and equipment to be able to make it through. And, of course, choose a builder! I'm praying for really awesome bids, within our budget.

And that's where we are now. Waiting for bids; waiting to see if the plans we drew up are feasible; waiting for news in another area of our lives; waiting, waiting, waiting.

While we're waiting, we're praying.

And while I'm mentioning it, I would love it if you would keep my sweet sister-in-law in your prayers.

Thanks, friends.

And btw, I'm about to start writing another post. GASP! I might actually get around to TWO this month!


MaryAnne said...

What a gorgeous kitchen! I hope you get your plans approved and find a fantastic builder!

kelsey said...

You need to take more pics of your house, please. What I've seen so far is amazing and I want to see the rest!

Sooooo glad to hear that you found plans that you love! And the fact that YOU were the creator? So very predictible, you talented thing, you. Once again, I'm not jealous at all. :)

And don't you know the kind of rumors statements like "waiting for news in another area of our lives" will drum up in our family? Ha! My nosy self is dying to know what the "news" is and I will be praying that it is the news you are hoping to hear. You and your beautiful family are always in our prayers. (And thank you so much for praying for me, too.)

I just love it when your blog pops up on my dashboard. It doesn't happen NEARLY as often as it needs to so I am very glad to hear you are working on post #2 :)

Love you!

Tracye said...

Thanks MaryAnne! But none of the credit goes to me on that kitchen!

Kelsey, I'm trying to find a way to take pictures and crop out trains, trucks, tractors, books and little shoes from every dadgum place! When I figure that out, I'll take more. Because we all know that 3 seconds after I put the stuff away it finds a way out again!

:) Thanks for the kudos. Here, and on yours!

Hahahaha! I didn't think of that angle! Never crossed my mind, being so wrapped up in my own little world!

You're so sweet. You made me cry in a good way! Love you, too!