Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Except that I hate Halloween. Always have.

I know this is juuuuuuust a tad late, but I just found it in my drafts, and thought you might like to read it.

You're welcome.

Anyway, the kids love it, what with the running wild through the streets acting like heathens and being rewarded with candy. And then the sugar high, after which they crash like the Titanic and self-medicate with more candy. It's a vicious cycle.
Christian always, always, always waits until the last second to choose her costume, and this year was no different.
I have been pressuring encouraging her to be Little Bo Peep, so the boys could be her sheep, but she wouldn't budge. No. Stinking. Way.
So two weeks ago we sat down together at the computer and started scrolling through images of costumes. She decided she wanted to be Cleopatra. I said, "Great! Cullen can be King Tut! And Cavan can be... some random Egyptian!" But then we couldn't find a costume in stock anywhere (the perils of last-minute costume planning) so I told her I'd make it. But then when we went to the pattern companys' websites, she changed her mind.
She'd rather be a 1950's soda fountain waitress.
The very next day (Monday. sheesh. The. week. of. Halloween.) I loaded up both boys and we hit the fabric stores, buying five different fabrics, trims, notions, patterns and whathaveyou for the project. It was much fun.

I had it all cut out the next day. All 21 pattern pieces. Wednesday I started sewing. I completed four pieces that day; everything but the shirt. Somehow I did it all with both boys at home all day. I was on such a roll, I decided to make the boys little black leather "T-Bird" jackets.
Without further ado, I present to you my sugar-pie honey-bunches:
I saw this exact outfit on a brat on
"Toddlers & Tiaras last week.
For her prop, I filled a glass Coke bottle with dark brown wax (took me a couple tries to get it the right color; for the record, neither brown food color, nor maple flavoring mix into wax.) and put some into a milkshake glass. I then mixed up some homemade salt dough and formed two ice cream scoops. I glued it all to an old pizza pan I never use. Hubs drilled two holes in the top and I threaded a piece of elastic through them to make it easier for her to hold. The glass, the bottle and the bottle cap cover the holes.

The boys' jackets were a real pain to sew. The fabric was super slippery and gathered a lot. I would have just chucked the whole thing into the trash, but I made both jackets for about $7 and couldn't really justify spending $30 a piece for some I saw at Target. They were brown anyway, and weren't quite the look I was going for. We used water, mousse and Chi oil to try to slick the boys' hair back... and finally just had to schmear Crisco in it to get it to stay! Their little baby hair is still so fine. I painted "T-BIRDS" and a little bird on the back of their jackets, and sewed some silver stud trim around the hemline and lapels to make them look more tough. Nothing like two little tough-guy-cool-riders sucking their thumbs and asking me to hold them.

I guess most kids get to wear their halloween costume once a year, but my kids were really lucky. Christian's school had a 50's theme on Thursday, so she wore her costume for the first time there, and Cullen's school had a Fall Festival, and he got to wear his costume, too. Aunt Laura had her annual Halloween In The Woods Bash At The Lake Friday night, so all three of them wore them there. The neighboring small town had their annual "Scare on the Square" on Saturday, so the kids dressed up for that. And then Halloween was Sunday, so they wore them again. That's four times! Unfortunately, Christian lost her hat at the square Saturday night, so I had to make her another one.
The Scare on the Square was lots of fun. The kids trick-or-treated from local businesses, and played games all around the town square.
They entered a costume contest...
(WE WERE ROBBED!!!) and after dark we watched "Ghostbusters" projected onto the wall of one of the businesses. (For the record, I have no idea who that lady is behind the pillar. I guess she's from the costume committee and was taking pictures, but I really don't have a clue.)
We had SO. MUCH. FUN.
I only say we were robbed, because some kid that had a large foam square (with the word "bread" written on it in marker) taped to his front and back (you know. like a sandwich.) actually won. As the kids trick-or-treated along the square, many people stopped us to say our kids were their favorite and should have won.
But I'm not bitter.
We ended the night at a gourmet restaurant. We go there so frequently, the employees know our order when we walk in.
The Dairy Queen.
He reminds me of Eddie Munster here.
Hubs is a really big spender. It's a problem. We're working through it.
His little baby hair is resisting the Crisco.

If your halloween was half as much fun as ours was...

Nevermind. That's impossible.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yep. It's been a whole fourteen years since I walked down the aisle, in a poofy, overly-sequined, tacky-by-today's-standards-dress, and over-the-top veil and train. My veil was fingertip length and dotted with pearls, and the train on my dress stretched all the way to the next county.

If I had it all to do over again, I'd change every dadgum thing about that wedding. But then, I've never been accused of being so fashion-forward that I'm 15 years ahead of my time, so I should expect that what was "in" then, would most definitely be "out" now.

That day I was walking toward my future. To a life of love and happiness, albeit one lacking in peace and quiet. Apparently our combined genes make Chatty McTalkersons. Gorgeous Chatty McTalkersons.

I can't believe I've been married for 14 years. I can't believe how big my children are getting. But mostly I can't believe that Hubs cracked open his wallet as joyfully as he did this past weekend. It was definitely out of character. ;) Love you, Hubs!

We celebrated the New Year (and our anniversary three days early) by taking said Chatty McTalkersons to San Antonio for the weekend. We (along with some friends) rented a couple of suites for the weekend and went to a hockey game New Year's Eve. Saturday we shopped until we dropped at La Cantera, and we ended our visit with a trip to Sea World.

Obviously Sea World was still decked out in all its Christmas splendor.

Christian was lucky enough to be kissed under the "World's Largest Mistletoe."

Clearly she enjoyed herself.

A sweet lady from Oklahoma said we just had to kiss under the mistletoe, too...

So we did.

I'm so glad we did! Wouldn't have wanted to miss that opportunity!

It was so cold in San Antonio that day, I actually had to stop at an Academy and buy a sweatshirt.

And it actually snowed on us!

It was in the Polar Express 4-D show, but it counts!!!

That was the coolest show! It snowed in the theater when it snowed on the movie; you got sprayed with ice when the train skidded sideways on the ice; as Santa's sleigh flew overhead, the lights moved all around you; and you felt the train's rumbling in your seat! This was in addition to the 3-D special effects. We really enjoyed it. Well, all except Cullen, who thought it was too loud.

But then it snowed outside the candy cane factory, too!

The smell! If only you could smell this place!!! Yummmm! `
I'll post about the rest of our trip another day (not promising it's going to be soon!), but I just really wanted to wish Hubby Dubby a Happy Anniversary.
He made it so special, and I'm so thankful to have found him. I'm thankful he's mine forever and ever. But mostly I'm thankful for the really cute shoes he bought me! ;)
Love you Hubs!