Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Girl

Last night after I put the kids to bed, I went into Christian's room to talk to her, one-on-one, about her day.

I asked her about school, and her Girl Scout meeting, and her upcoming field trip.

We were laying in her bed, face-to-face, snuggled up talking.

It was in one of the silent moments that she brought it up.

"Mom, Dorothy and I were talking at school today. She said the sign that your parents won't break up is that they kiss. Is that it? Is that the sign?" I could see her little eyes hopeful, and hear it in her voice. This was big. This was important, and she was almost holding her breath, waiting to hear what I'd say.

Earlier that evening, she sat at the kitchen counter doing homework, and pretended to act grossed out (or maybe she really was!) when Hubs and I were hugging and kissing (big, over-dramatic, kid-annoying, smacking kisses) before dinner. After a minute or two, she ran over and snuggled in between us, all smiles, wanting some hugs and kisses for herself.

So "The Sign," was huge to her.

"No, baby, it's not."

"So what is it? What's the sign that your parents won't break up?"

I told her that there isn't one. That parents just have to make a promise to each other that they will stay together.

That's when she said something that I hope I never forget.

"So... you just have to love each other for who you are?"

Sometimes it's hard to remember she's just eight years old.


Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful, smart little girl who always worries about everyone. she is out in the real world with other kids who act like they know it all... scares kids like her... love her to

you are a great mom... she always says that to me also...

Tracye said...

Thanks... I think she's pretty beautiful and smart, too!