Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Coming Along

I bought the pattern and all (SEVEN) fabrics for Christian's costume on Monday. I took the boys with me to I-forget-how-many-stores to get it all.

Somehow, I completed FOUR pieces on Wednesday: the skirt, the petticoat (what a nightmare that was), the hat and the apron. I say "somehow," because Wednesday is a day that both boys are with me all day, and one of Christian's friends comes over after school for an hour or so. Also, one of my friends and her son stopped by that day for a while. So it wasn't a "sit-on-the-couch-and-eat-bon-bons-and-watch-soaps-all-day kind of day.

Anyway, Thursdays are my kid-less days, since Cullen and Christian are in school, and Aunt Laura and Granny watch Cavan.

I dropped Cavan off, then Cullen, then went to my friend's shop for a bit to help her however I could. That has been my normal Thursday for the last few weeks. But since I have soooooo many irons in the fire now, I didn't stay as long as I have been, so I could get started on the shirt part of Christian's costume.

So I went home and started on Christian's shirt. And then Hubs came home with Taco Bell, and I took a break.

And then got right back to work.

Riveting, isn't it?

Time was slipping away from me, quite quickly. I had such huge plans for yesterday, and they included: completing Christian's shirt, doing laundry, cleaning the house, getting started on some cake work, yadda, yadda, yadda. Goals, my friends. I had them.

I accomplished NONE of it.

I had some serious issues with the collar of her shirt, and ended up walking next door, borrowing a seam ripper, kidnapping my friend (who happens to live next door), ripping out part of the seam, complaining enough about ripping out the seam that my friend took over and finished for me (I. SO. ROCK.), pooling our brainpower until we figured it out, and finally getting it stitched in place correctly.

Gah. Just typing all that brought out some issues I thought I had dealt with and conquered yesterday.

I moved on to the cuffs and sleeves. Two seconds later, and an hour was gone. I blinked and it was time to go get Cullen.

We got back and I worked some more. I blinked again, and it was waaaaay past time to get Cavan.

I piled the kids in the car and was just about to speed out of the driveway when my mother-in-law hero drove up with dinner and volunteered to go get Cavan for me.

I jumped in the shower and did my hair in record time so Hubs and I could jump in the car and drive to Corpus (also in record time). There was a peace officer's meeting. They had AWESOME food. And that's all you need to know about that.

But the way home... Oh, the way home! Hubs had me cracking up so much that tears were streaming down my cheeks. I had forgotten how funny he can be, and how much I love him. I take him for granted too often, but oh, how we laughed last night! I mean laugh so hard you can't even talk. After we got home, he kept it up. I was sitting on my bedroom floor, laughing harder than I can ever remember laughing, tears streaming down my cheeks, and hoping we weren't waking anybody up!

And now, I must go change the 173rd poopy diaper of the day, and clean up approximately 2,572 toys scattered around my living room.

And Christian's costume is mocking me.

I WILL prevail.


kelsey said...

A few (totally random) things:

1. You are such a good mom. You're the mom who makes costumes and bakes amazing birthday cakes and makes homemade gifts for all the teachers and I could go on and on. You seriously rock!

2. Kidless days? How do I get some of those? I'm jealous, I'm not gonna lie!

3. Aren't those nights where you are able to really reconnect with the husband the BEST?! Sometimes it's through sweet or romantic gestures, but usually it's the good ol' making-you-laugh-till-you're-crying that serves as a perfect reminder of how much we love them and a huge reason why we love them.

4. Taco Bell. Mmmmm....

Tracye said...

You're so sweet! This made my day!

Thanks so much.