Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Girl

Last night after I put the kids to bed, I went into Christian's room to talk to her, one-on-one, about her day.

I asked her about school, and her Girl Scout meeting, and her upcoming field trip.

We were laying in her bed, face-to-face, snuggled up talking.

It was in one of the silent moments that she brought it up.

"Mom, Dorothy and I were talking at school today. She said the sign that your parents won't break up is that they kiss. Is that it? Is that the sign?" I could see her little eyes hopeful, and hear it in her voice. This was big. This was important, and she was almost holding her breath, waiting to hear what I'd say.

Earlier that evening, she sat at the kitchen counter doing homework, and pretended to act grossed out (or maybe she really was!) when Hubs and I were hugging and kissing (big, over-dramatic, kid-annoying, smacking kisses) before dinner. After a minute or two, she ran over and snuggled in between us, all smiles, wanting some hugs and kisses for herself.

So "The Sign," was huge to her.

"No, baby, it's not."

"So what is it? What's the sign that your parents won't break up?"

I told her that there isn't one. That parents just have to make a promise to each other that they will stay together.

That's when she said something that I hope I never forget.

"So... you just have to love each other for who you are?"

Sometimes it's hard to remember she's just eight years old.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Really Have Nothing To Say

But I'll slap something up here anyway.

Today Christian is home with me. Apparently teachers need to have meetings and workshops and workdays and other such nonsense, and don't like having their classrooms filled with unsupervised children while they do.

I don't get it.

So I have all three. And am being tortured with all the Thomas the Tank Engine shows and other cartoons too goofy to even describe.

I completed Christian's costume over the weekend, and somehow got the boys' done, too. So they're ready to be dressed up as three of the most annoying cutest kids EVAH.

Now I need to get motivated. I need to get dressed and go into town to Hobby Lobby. I think I need to find some studs to bedazzle something.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Coming Along

I bought the pattern and all (SEVEN) fabrics for Christian's costume on Monday. I took the boys with me to I-forget-how-many-stores to get it all.

Somehow, I completed FOUR pieces on Wednesday: the skirt, the petticoat (what a nightmare that was), the hat and the apron. I say "somehow," because Wednesday is a day that both boys are with me all day, and one of Christian's friends comes over after school for an hour or so. Also, one of my friends and her son stopped by that day for a while. So it wasn't a "sit-on-the-couch-and-eat-bon-bons-and-watch-soaps-all-day kind of day.

Anyway, Thursdays are my kid-less days, since Cullen and Christian are in school, and Aunt Laura and Granny watch Cavan.

I dropped Cavan off, then Cullen, then went to my friend's shop for a bit to help her however I could. That has been my normal Thursday for the last few weeks. But since I have soooooo many irons in the fire now, I didn't stay as long as I have been, so I could get started on the shirt part of Christian's costume.

So I went home and started on Christian's shirt. And then Hubs came home with Taco Bell, and I took a break.

And then got right back to work.

Riveting, isn't it?

Time was slipping away from me, quite quickly. I had such huge plans for yesterday, and they included: completing Christian's shirt, doing laundry, cleaning the house, getting started on some cake work, yadda, yadda, yadda. Goals, my friends. I had them.

I accomplished NONE of it.

I had some serious issues with the collar of her shirt, and ended up walking next door, borrowing a seam ripper, kidnapping my friend (who happens to live next door), ripping out part of the seam, complaining enough about ripping out the seam that my friend took over and finished for me (I. SO. ROCK.), pooling our brainpower until we figured it out, and finally getting it stitched in place correctly.

Gah. Just typing all that brought out some issues I thought I had dealt with and conquered yesterday.

I moved on to the cuffs and sleeves. Two seconds later, and an hour was gone. I blinked and it was time to go get Cullen.

We got back and I worked some more. I blinked again, and it was waaaaay past time to get Cavan.

I piled the kids in the car and was just about to speed out of the driveway when my mother-in-law hero drove up with dinner and volunteered to go get Cavan for me.

I jumped in the shower and did my hair in record time so Hubs and I could jump in the car and drive to Corpus (also in record time). There was a peace officer's meeting. They had AWESOME food. And that's all you need to know about that.

But the way home... Oh, the way home! Hubs had me cracking up so much that tears were streaming down my cheeks. I had forgotten how funny he can be, and how much I love him. I take him for granted too often, but oh, how we laughed last night! I mean laugh so hard you can't even talk. After we got home, he kept it up. I was sitting on my bedroom floor, laughing harder than I can ever remember laughing, tears streaming down my cheeks, and hoping we weren't waking anybody up!

And now, I must go change the 173rd poopy diaper of the day, and clean up approximately 2,572 toys scattered around my living room.

And Christian's costume is mocking me.

I WILL prevail.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow. It's Been A While...

Since my last post.

I don't even remember what my last post was about.

The boys are napping (yay!!!) and I'm watching a cake show (double yay!!!) and thinking about my next two projects: a really elaborate (but fun) baby shower cake, and Christian's halloween costume.

I have two weeks to do her costume, which consists of a skirt, a petticoat, an apron, a shirt and a hat. Plus an accessory. Not too much.

And three weeks to do the cake.

Prayers for me, please!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaand... I have some news that I have to keep to myself for now, although I'm pretty darn excited and about ready to burst!!!

Happy Monday to you all!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

They Were Sew Good...

Sorry. That was bad.

I made some cupcakes last week.

I meant to bake 4 dozen, but actually made 7. Dozen.

I know.

So there are eleventy-billion cupcakes, baked and filled, sealed up in my freezer, just waiting to be decorated.

My neighbor and I were having "fun with fondant day" just minutes ago, until she started feeling really lousy. I made a really adorable goldfish, but didn't get a picture. I will sooner or later, since her baby boy's first birthday is next month. She's doing trial runs for the big day. Which explains why we were playing.

Wow. What a digression.

Anyway, last week I made two dozen cupcakes decorated with... well.. I'll just show you.

I die.

Seriously? The cuteness? Too much.

Purple sparkles.

Teen-iny quilts. Love them.

I also made a stand for them, which, in my opinion, upped the cuteness factor.
Half were triple chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate truffle filling and vanilla buttercream, and half were french vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate truffle filling and vanilla buttercream.
I don't think I can ever again settle for the mediocrity of un-filled cupcakes.
I have tasted, and seen, that the Lord is good.
Oh yes I have.