Saturday, October 2, 2010

They Were Sew Good...

Sorry. That was bad.

I made some cupcakes last week.

I meant to bake 4 dozen, but actually made 7. Dozen.

I know.

So there are eleventy-billion cupcakes, baked and filled, sealed up in my freezer, just waiting to be decorated.

My neighbor and I were having "fun with fondant day" just minutes ago, until she started feeling really lousy. I made a really adorable goldfish, but didn't get a picture. I will sooner or later, since her baby boy's first birthday is next month. She's doing trial runs for the big day. Which explains why we were playing.

Wow. What a digression.

Anyway, last week I made two dozen cupcakes decorated with... well.. I'll just show you.

I die.

Seriously? The cuteness? Too much.

Purple sparkles.

Teen-iny quilts. Love them.

I also made a stand for them, which, in my opinion, upped the cuteness factor.
Half were triple chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate truffle filling and vanilla buttercream, and half were french vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate truffle filling and vanilla buttercream.
I don't think I can ever again settle for the mediocrity of un-filled cupcakes.
I have tasted, and seen, that the Lord is good.
Oh yes I have.


MaryAnne said...

These have to be the cutest cupcakes I've seen! The quilts are my favorite, but the sewing machine is amazing in all its detail.

Erin said...

very cute...and creative!
now i want a filled cupckae :(

Anonymous said...

where is my cupcake??? did you forget someone??? the love of your kids life??? grandma... i thought so.. i will have to have cavan take care of you for me... cullen will just take them for hims self and so would christian if they are chocolate... mil no more ribs....