Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh, What A Day

I felt like SuperMom.
  • I got up early and got Christian dressed and off to school
  • I did the laundry (all of it; nothing but empty laundry baskets and full closets and drawers around here)
  • I made rice krispy treats (and if you know me, you know I am rkt-challenged; not sure why I can make towering cakes with minute details but the rkt eludes me)
  • I made homemade, fresh-squeezed lemonade (the kids love it)
  • I tidied up the house
  • I balanced the checkbook (HAAAAAAAAATE doing this)
  • I paid the bills (not so crazy about this one, either)
  • I bought stamps
  • I mailed the bills
  • I ran a few errands and returned some movies we rented
  • I washed all the dishes
  • Picked up a few things from the store
  • And REFRAINED from taking the kids to a drive-through for dinner since Hubs wouldn't be joining us. Go me.

And then my precious, sweet angels the three yayhoos decided to bitch-slap me put an end to my SuperMom status and pushed me off my self-imposed pedestal.

Hubs told me that when he arrived home at 2:30 this morning, Christian was still up. STILL. UP. As in, had not been asleep yet. I put her to bed at 8:30 last night, and she decided to stealth-play in her room.

At snack time, Cullen left his half-full glass (sure wish it had been half-empty) of lemonade (sugary, syrupy sweet lemonade) where Chubs could get to it. Since Chubs is a drink whore, he grabbed it, attempted to drink it, but ended up pouring it out all over himself and my clean floors.

Side note: look how gigantic that baby is! He's freaking HUGE!

No wonder I called him Gigantor when he was born. Well, that and the fact that he weighed ten pounds.

Back to my day. I stripped the boys and put them in the bath, since Cavan and Cullen were slipping and sliding in lemonade, and tracking it all over the house. It was in the bath that they decided to use the tub as their personal waterpark. I caught them standing up and sliding down the incline, and splashing water EV. REE. WHERE. You know. All over my freshly-painted bathroom. This was while I was mopping up lemonade on the other side of the house.

Don't worry; they're still alive.

But I put all three of them to bed before sunset.

And... just to be really mean... I'm taking the boys to get their shots tomorrow.



aunt laura said...

just remember you have a refuge at granny's house if you need to send them there. we can pick up and deliver if need be. that last nerve needs to stay in tacked. see you thursday. love ya'll
aunt laura

kelsey said...

You ARE SuperMom, even when you feel knocked off your pedestal! I think our children just want to keep it nice and challenging, you know, for personal growth or something like that. They only have our best interests in mind, of course. Riiight. :) Every time I feel like I'm having a rough day I think of you with THREE crazy kids and not just one crazy kid and it reminds me that I WILL in fact survive my day.

I actually love to balance the checkbook. I even have some pretty sophisticated budget models that I made in Excel (yes, I'm a huge nerd). And I guess I should say that I USED to love it...back when we actually had money, ha ha! Now it rarely gets done because denial is my friend these days. :)

One more thing to add - your baby is giant. I was thinking that before I even read your sidenote. He looks like such a big boy!

Okay, ONE more thing. I have missed your blog posts! Hope things are going well with the house.

Tracye said...

You both just made my day!

Laura, do you do pizza, too? Or just the kids? Just asking, since nobody delivers out here anymore. ;)

Kelsey, you're so sweet! Anytime you feel like being a huge nerd, you just let me know and you can do my checkbook, too. Yes, I'm a friend of denial as well.

House looks awesome! Wish we'd done all this years ago! Now if we could just get some REAL BUYERS in here instead of just Nosey Roseys.

DeclutterLady said...

SuperMom days can be tough yet very rewarding sometimes!