Friday, June 18, 2010

Cavan's First Boat Ride... I Think

I'm pretty sure we didn't take him on the boat last summer, him being a newborn and all. But him's got toofies now, and is a big boy, so he's ready.

We upgraded all the kids' life jackets (didn't want any pictures of Cullen wearing a Barbie one!), loaded up the boat with snacks and drinks, and set out for the lake.
We rode around a while before Christian and I hopped onto the inflatable two-seater-boat-thingy Hubs found at Academy that morning. It was pretty fun, until we flipped it and ended up in the lake!
The boys really enjoyed flying across the water. Cullen sang and yelled and laughed at the top of his lungs the whole way.
Cavan is fearless, and would have climbed right over the side (while we were going!) if I had let go just a little.
Christian was a little nervous at first about being pulled behind the boat, but she got the hang of it pretty quickly.
When we found a secluded spot we turned off the engine and floated with the gentle waves while Hubs and the kids splashed in the water and Cavan explored the boat.
Hubs broke out the snacks and found a new bff for the day.
My favorite ball cap was lost somewhere along the way.

Cullen has some big shoes to fill!

My four favorite people.
We had a great time... and I'm sure we'll have many more this summer.

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Erin said...

a boat...i am so jealous :)