Monday, June 28, 2010

He Almost Has It

Christian was minding her own business, watching Martha Speaks. She didn't even realize we were in the room, much less that the camera was on!


Rhoost Product Review

Christian has a few words about our new Rhoost corner covers...


Rhoost sent us a four-pack of their edge table corner protectors. They're easily installed, with no screws, glue or adhesives.

Rhoost products are not only functional, they're stylish, too. They unobtrusively fit into the decor of your home, while protecting your greatest treasures.

We love them! They're on our coffeetable, and they've protected Cavan from bumps more than a few times.

Leave a comment on this post if you'd like to try one of Rhoost's childproofing products. They're allowing me to give away a Sling 4-pack, which will keep little hands from opening cabinets that they shouldn't be into. I could have used those today, when I caught Cavan in the bathroom with a bottle of Windex he'd taken out of the childproofed (not by Rhoost products!) cabinet!

Christian and Cullen will draw the winner's name out of a hat... so make sure I know how to contact you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers Day

See edit below picture 2, 193.

Alternately titled: The Post With So Many Pictures Your Retinas Will Bleed

I found this inappropriate funny card in Chicago, and couldn't pass it up. So it's what I gave my dad for Father's Day. Along with a ridiculously expensive small gift. He seemed to appreciate both.

He's been needing to cut the grass out at his land for a while, so Hubs and I loaded up our shredder and took it to him.

He seemed to enjoy driving his four-wheeler around and cutting everything down.

It's been needing a good cutting for some time.

"Hi, Dad!"

My stepmother took the opportunity to do what she calls, "Grandma-ing," which is, essentially, carrying Cavan around until he thinks everyone is supposed to do that, and spoiling the other two.

It was so hot that day!

Yep. He thought the card was funny.

He would, though. It's right up his alley.

Grandma has decided sitting down with Cavan is infinitely easier than walking around with him! Note the dirty knees. She tried her best to keep him from crawling around in the dirt, but he wouldn't have it. The dirt was irresistable.

As is this face.

Sunday we went to my in-laws' house to eat way too much good food and spend way too little time with Uncle Rick, Aunt Kelsey, and Baby Harrison.

The babies really enjoyed playing together.

Cavan doesn't have any toys, so he was particularly fascinated by Harrison's.

See? Finally he's bigger than somebody and doesn't have to tolerate having his toys taken away!

"Ummm... Can somebody get that back for me, please? Pretty please?"

And then Cavan did this, and started a whole new kind of problem.

He was just getting a boost from Harrison...

so he could then tower over the younger baby, and show him who's the sheriff 'round these here parts.

And then he needed a little help back down.

I bet Harrison couldn't wait to get back home.

"Aw. It's okay, Cavan. I'm good."

"So, uh, you wanna go ahead and give me that toy back now?"

Harrison had to get ugly, and after he did, Cavan didn't really want that toy anymore. He kind of just wanted the puke cleaned off his leg.

Then the boys had some much-needed Papaw time.

Cavan's not sure he really wants another baby sharing Papaw's lap.

So Papaw had to distract him.

And Harrison thought it looked like fun, so he joined in.

Now back to Cavan...

Cullen heard all the commotion and decided to join in.

Harrison thought Cullen might be trying to hijack Papaw's lap, so he had to get rough.

Chubs was seepy that day.

"Uhhhh... need a little help here, please."

Cavan wasn't much help at all. He was too intent on sucking all the flavor off his thumbs.
Edited to add: But wait! What's that in his right hand, you ask? Why that would be a lollipop! He's holding his lollipop and sucking his thumb! So he really and truly is trying to suck all the flavor off his thumb before finishing off that lollipop! Do I have a genius, or what???

Yep. That's one of them.

And again, he goes for Harrison's head. Apparently it's easier than standing up all by himself.

Grandma thinks he's just trying to keep Harrison down.

You know, show him who's boss.

Aunt Kelsey tried to distract Cavan with a book... so he'd leave her kid alone!
He decided he needed some Aunt Kelsey time...

So she gave him some.
Then it was time for the obligatory "cousins" photo.

Cavan was having none of it. Cullen and Harrison were ready, though.

It didn't matter what Christian tried, that baby would not cooperate. Cullen thought it was hilarious; Harrison was wondering if he should be crying, too.

A couple more tries, and then we gave up on Chubs in the group shot.

He settled down, so we put him back in...

only to have this happen.

Ooooooooh, it's really bad!

We thought maybe he just didn't want his siblings in the shot, since he's with them all the time.

I guess that was the problem.

You remove two hooligans, and all is well.

Until Harrison decided he did, indeed, need to be crying, too.

And decided to jump ship.

But decided to give as good as he'd gotten before he left!
Hope all the fathers enjoyed their day!