Monday, May 3, 2010

Cavan's First Birthday Party

Cavan's first birthday party was Sunday. Since he's my little monkey, we went with a monkey theme.

For his first cake, I attempted my first no-fondant, buttercream-only cake:

Yes, it could have been better... if someone else had made it! I'm no good at buttercream cakes. Which is pretty obvious, I'm sure.

For the party favors, each child got a pair of monkey slippers, wrapped in a gift bag with a personalized tag.

It says, "Thank you for coming to my party!" I made these to match the invitations, which I also made. I think they turned out pretty cute.

For Christian's first birthday party, I ordered a birthday banner from Pottery Barn Kids. When I tried to order one for Cullen's first birthday, I discovered they no longer sell them. So I had to make him one.

Since Cullen and Christian both have a birthday banner (which is hung every year on their birthday, and stays up until after their party) Cavan needed one as well.

I finished it the morning of the party. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Cavan had his own special cake to dig into.

Which he happily did.

He was a little timid at first.

Until Cullen showed him what to do.

Not to be outdone, Christian took a bite, too.

Then he really got into it.

We all kind of lost track of him for a bit as we dug into our own slices of cake...

But it's a good thing we went with the monkey theme, because when next I turned around...

He looked just like the monkey on his cake!

He was a little self-concious of all the laughter, and started sucking his thumb. I'm sure it tasted pretty good.

Then his daddy did a really mean thing. As Hubs walked by, he pushed the baby's face down into that chocolate cake! Cavan sat up quickly, sucked in a gulp of air (through his mouth, since his nose was clogged with chocolate cake and icing) and began wailing. His wittle feelings were so hurt! Hubs cleaned the cake out of his nose and gave him a quick bath, and all was forgiven.

Aunt Laura bogarted Harrison for most of the day. That baby fell asleep on her and was dead to the world! 'Course he was probably tired from puking on me 8 or 17 times. It's a good thing he's cute.

Speaking of cute... this one sure is!

And this one, too!

And so is the birthday boy himself!

He's just so cool, now that he's one.

This one's nowhere near one, but he's pretty cool, too.

Just look at that belly!!! Love. It.

This was an attempt to get the boys together for a really cute and memorable birthday picture.

Harrison cooperated; Chubs thought it was sooooooo last year.

He thought the balloons were way more interesting than his Aunt Kelsey and me yelling, "CAVAN! LOOK OVER HERE! HARRISON! SMILE, BABY! CAAAAAA----VAAAAAN! LOOK AT MOMMY! HEY, HARRISON! HI, BABY! LOOK OVER HERE!!!"

I think that blue balloon is going to have to go.

Harrison is all, "Seriously? You want me to get a picture with this guy???"

"Ummmmmm... I don't know about this one, Mom."

"O---kaaaaay! Fine! I'll take a picture with him!"
Cavan was blissfully unaware of Harrison's reluctance. He was all over that blue balloon.

Aaaaaaaand that was as good as we were going to get!

We headed outside with the balloons, to continue the tradition of the baby releasing all the balloons from their first party. Christian and Cullen did it at theirs, so Cavan got his chance, too.

It was a gorgeous day, and Christian didn't really want those balloons to float away. But we shooed her away, and Cavan let go!

But then caught one of the strings!

And finally let them go.

We watched them as they floated high up in the bright blue sky...

And finally, out of sight.

My sweet, beautiful girl stood in the driveway and pointed them out to her little brother when he lost sight of them.
Then we went inside, cleaned up, and collapsed.
Or, just collapsed.


kelsey said...

It was a great party! I loved all of the details - you are just a crafty, creative, super-talented lady who I am NOT AT ALL jealous of. And your cake was absolutely adorable, no matter how modest you feel like being.

I loved it when Christian said to herself, "I wonder if the balloons will make it to the moon!" That girl is such a hoot.

We all had a great time! And I would tell you that Harrison is sorry for puking on you, but I'd be lying. I really think he enjoys doing it! But take it as a gesture of love. That's what I do, anyway. :)

Tracye said...

Takes one to know one!!!

Thanks for all the props, though.

We are so so so glad y'all came! We love you guys so much and wish we could see you more often!

And I love that little guy... no matter how many times he pukes on me! I guess my kids really paved the way for me not being disturbed by it!

Thanks again for coming. I'm really glad you could.

And Cavan LOVES that computer!

MaryAnne said...

This looks like such a fun birthday party! Your buttercream cake looks better than any buttercream cake I've seen. The party favor bags are super cute, and I love the idea of giving out monkey slippers as favors!

Tracye said...

Thanks, MaryAnne! It tasted good, so that's always nice!

Mzzterry said...

i can not believe that baby boy is a year old. happy belated birthday!