Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Baby is One Year Old... Pardon the Tears

Mine, not his.

He's happy as can be.

My chubby little Baby Cavan is all growed up. He turned one year old yesterday.

We celebrated at home with cupcakes... although the older two wanted to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. You know, to "celebrate."

"Cavan's birthday."


I don't "do" Chuck-E-Cheese.

I do do sarcasm, though.

Cavan seemed quite content with our choice.

Cullen kept "helping" him with the icing, since we were making him wait to get his own cupcake until after we had taken plenty of pictures of Chubs enjoying one.

Cavan reeeeeeeeally liked his cupcake.

That statement doesn't surprise anyone who has seen him eat.

Once the cake was gone, he was actually using the fingers of one hand to scrape icing off the fingers of the other hand... to make sure he got every bit of icing he was owed.

He probably should have tried scraping it off his fat little cheekies!

"Awwww, Cavan. You'll get more cake at your party next weekend!"
Although I don't think he'll want to wait that long.
I can't believe my teeny tiny little baby is one year old.
It seems like we just brought him home yesterday, and yet feels like he's always been a part of our lives.
My sweet little baby boy, I love you!


Huse Yo Mama said...

Seriously!? He's one already! Happy birthday - time has really flown

kelsey said...

He is so, so, so adorable. I love how the kids wanted to go to Chuck-E-Cheese "for Cavan." How funny!

Ahhh, how nice it must be to be 1. You get to devour cake like we all deep down wish we could devour cake, only it's perfectly acceptable and socially appropriate at that age. I gotta admit that I'm a little jealous... :)

Anonymous said...

he is my angel..for now..tricking grandma the other day was a the kid..he is getting so all my mean grandkids they always turn to papaw... as cavan he is a daddy's boy already... happy birthday chubs... mil to the momma too