Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christian!!!

We'll start with the cake. She asked for half chocolate and half vanilla, so everybody would want some. While she was at it, she asked for me to make it like Hannah Montana was singing on a stage, with a crowd of people raising their hands and cheering from the stands.

She didn't get that.

She got this:

She was just going to have to make do. I've been up to my eyeballs in cake lately, and I didn't have time to make a crowd of people. I wanted to, but Hubs vehemently denied that request. He didn't want me up until 4 am every night for three weeks.
It's still pretty rock-star-ish, don't you think?

It was quite yummy. I'm not just saying that, although I am just saying that. But lots of the party guests said the same thing.

These letters gave me a hard time, but I won't hold that against them. It had to be said. With a simplified cake, you just have to put "Happy Birthday Christian" on there.

Here's the birthday girl, taking a sno-cone to a friend. She's sweet like that.

Papaw and Cullen playing around and eating sno-cones.

Christian's cousin, Jace, eating... what else? A sno-cone.

Christian's friend Johnathan is enjoying a ride in Cullen's Jeep.

Christian's cousin, Savhannah, is eating... a sno-cone! You may not have realized it yet, but we had a sno-cone machine at the party. They were the perfect drink on a hot day.
Cousin Jakob is playing on the little swingset, and if you look just behind Christian's right ankle, you'll see a rope. It's the souvenir (one of two) Hubs bought them from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I don't think I've posted about that yet, but I will soon.

Anyway, a friend gave us their old calf-roping practice calf, so the kids tried to play rodeo and catch that stationary calf.

That Jeep got some serious use on Saturday.

Cullen's bogarting his new car that Papaw gave him. I'm sooooo glad Papaw gave him this particular car. Cullen saw one on a cake show about a month ago (he knew right away it was a Mustang; he's been able to tell you the models of cars since he was two) and has been asking for that particular car ever since. Daily. Actually, about 138 times daily. It's "the car," right now. He even sleeps with it, which isn't anything new. He always sleeps with his new favorite car. Or truck. Or tractor.

My friend's daughter, Jessica, who played Jairus' daughter in the church Easter drama, enjoying... you guessed it... a sno-cone! Isn't she a cutie?

Christian jumped on the back of the Jeep and let Johnathan chauffer her around for a bit.
Christian sat at the table under one of the shade trees and opened her gifts. This was a basket full of zhu-zhu pet stuff from her Grandma.

We didn't let Brooke have any fun while she was here. She just worked the whole time. We made her haul hay in the tractor and give the stationary calf some feed. It wasn't fun at all, lemme tell you. It was so awful, in fact, that she came over today after school and did it again.

Allison and Sadie are resting from their time spent in the bouncy house. It was a really hot day, and these girls had some red little faces!

This is my friend, Kim. I love her to pieces, and her gigantic family of four. They made up half the party.

Not really. But there's a lot of them.

I'm going to brag on her a bit. She makes fabulous cakes. Seriously. Everything she's ever made that I've put in my mouth has made me faint in ecstasy.

Not really. But her cakes are unbelievable.

Her kids are absolutely precious. They are the sweetest, most polite kids I've ever been around, and a few people told me that after meeting them this weekend. She's an awesome mom and it's completely obvious upon meeting her family.
See that tall drink of water in the back? That's her oldest, Sarah. She's a babyhog, which is convenient for both Chubs and me because 1. he wants to be held all day and 2. I don't want to hold him all day.
Kim's husband, John, is on the far right. Hubs is the goober in the sunglasses, and his cousin Larry is in the middle. You would not believe how difficult it was to get these pinheads to let me take their picture. Not John. I won't disparage him, since I don't know him that well, yet. But once I do, he better watch out.
This is her daughter, Jennifer. Gorgeous, huh? She was in the Easter drama, too. I guess I should say "their" daughter, since John probably had a hand in that somewhere. There's a joke in there, but I won't spell it out. This is a family blog.
This is Hubs' mom, also known on here as MIL. She, too, is a babyhog. While we're on the subject of babyhogs, I feel I would be remiss if I didn't mention that my stepmother is a babyhog as well. I just love babyhogs, so if you are one, you are always welcome in my home. And if you're not a babyhog, well, just bring me a fountain Dr.Pepper from the convenience store around the corner and I'll let you in anyway.
Here's Cullen, taking a whack at the Hannah Montana guitar-shaped pinata.

I seriously hate it when my kids come home from a party with a gigantic bag of candy from a pinata, so I didn't put a single piece of candy in it.
I filled that thing with games, toys, make-up, erasers, instruments, etc...

The kids probably weren't impressed, but the parents seemed grateful. Especially with Easter the following day.

And now for the big moment.

Deep breath!

Make a wish!

Blow them out!


Something's wrong!
They won't go out!

'Cause I played a little trick on her!

So then we broke out Hubs' and my gift to Christian: a karaoke machine. Cullen and Cavan gave her eight or ten karaoke CD's.

Christian's friend, Ellie, rocking a little "High School Musical."
Cullen LOVES that thing... but he was gracious enough to share Christian's toy with Cavan. (SIDE NOTE: Cullen and I rocked it while Christian was in school today. Me more than Cullen. Because I rock.)

My friend, Dara, was singing along with the girls... until we kicked them out of the house and took over! We could have had music stardom, I'm sure. Me, anyway. Because I'm awesome.

My beautiful Pretty Princess. I can't believe she's eight years old! Where does the time go?


Melanie said...

what a fun party! Man, I wanted to be there. Tenley would have loved it too. The pics of her trying to blow those candles out are priceless. I have yet to do that to Tenley--will have to put that one on the list. :)

MaryAnne said...

Happy birthday to Christian! That guitar cake is very cool, and your party looks like tons of fun.

They do grow up so fast - and Johnny always sleeps with a car too. Actually, that would be cars - at least three. Which is particularly bad when he crawls into my bed in the middle of the night (he brings the cars, of course), and I wind up rolling over onto cars.

Kim said...

OMGoodness you are tooo funny girl! Thank you for inviting us to Christian's party... the kids and I had a lot of fun..John too (male bonding in a family of girls helped keep him sane) !

Your pictures of Easter were HILARIOUS!! Loved Cullen on the Toilet... poor boy will NEVER live that down... you may have just single-handedly ruined any social life he may ever had a chance at. LOL... what a wonderful mom you are.