Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Sunday, Part 2

Our last stop of the day on Easter Sunday was at my dad's house.

They had Easter baskets for the kids, and the Easter Bunny had left eggs in the front yard.

Since Dad & Pat didn't want to go looking for them all, and yet wanted the eggs out of their yard, they called us.

We had it cleaned up pretty quickly.

The Easter Bunny hid some talking eggs in the bushes.

They call out, "Yoo hoo! I'm hiding!" in an annoying sing-song voice.

Finally! Now maybe she'll turn it off!

Cullen didn't care too much about finding eggs. He just wanted to get at the goods from his basket.

Chubs just wanted to get at Grandma's camera.

Apparently, he saw a really baby boy on the screen, and just had to take another look.

Cullen took a break to concentrate on his lollipop.

While Uncle Paul tried to tickle his cute little ear.

But Cullen knocked over his basket, so Paul kindly helped him put everything back inside.

And then we convinced him that Christian was going to get all the eggs unless he got after it.

So he found one.

And put it in his basket.

And was quite happy to leave it at that.
He was ready to sit down again and focus on that lollipop. I'm sorry, but a little boy with a lollipop? There's nothing cuter.

Ooh! He found another one! Of course, we were strongly admonishing Christian to let Cullen get it.

She really wanted to "help", though.

"Help," meaning, "to put it in her own basket."

She listened, though, and let her little brother get it.

Then he was done again.

Chubs didn't really know what all the fuss was about. He didn't really care, either, since someone was holding him at all times.

Look, Cullen! There's another one!

Eh. I have a lollipop.

What's this? Christian's eggs spilled out of her basket, and she's super worried her brother might look at one???

She needn't have worried.

He got the last egg in the yard, then we corraled them for a few pictures.

Remember that holy grail of photography? To get all children looking at the camera at the same time and smiling?

Didn't happen that day.

I probably should have held that lollipop for Cullen until after we were done.

But I think Dingo kind of wanted it.

Yep. Looks like that's what she's going for.

And back in the mouth it goes.

I'm not sure why, suddenly, the baby fell over.

But I think it may have had something to do with the two goofballs on either side of him.

He rolled around like a sumo wrestler, trying to get up from the mat.

And had about as much luck.

Then Cullen decided to join in, while Christian abandoned ship to check out what she'd found.

But, since Cullen is shaped nothing like a sumo wrestler, he didn't have too much difficulty sitting back up on his own.

Then he just tickled his baby brother for a bit.

I'm not sure what's going on in these last few pictures...
But I can tell you this:
They had a great time doing it.
Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I just love your Easter pictures and the story that goes along with them. You should make a story book, but leave the pictures of Grandma out. You are so clever--you should really be a writer! ph

Tracye said...


But thanks!