Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday, Part 1

Prepare yourself; this post contains many, many pictures of adorable little blond-headed, blue-eyed kids in cute Easter outfits.

Our Easter was so busy, I had to split it into two posts.

First things first: celebrating the reason for Easter. We went to church and watched a drama from the Apostle John's perspective. It was beautiful and moving and not at all what I expected it to be. I was so blessed by being there and worshipping my God, and thanking Him for sending His Son as a sacrifice for all my sins.

The thing that chokes me up, every single time I think about it, is the fact that (here come the tears) as Jesus hung on that cross, mutilated beyond all recognition, He looked down the corridors of history and saw me. He thought about me and how I would be a sinner with no redeeming qualities, and would need Him. I would need His gift, and the forgiveness that comes with it. By accepting Him, I become His child and I have the right to call Him "Father." I become his heir, and joint-heirs with Jesus. It absolutely amazes me that He saw something in me worth dying for. Not only did He do it for me, He did it for you.

Now, onto the cute little kids!

We went from church to my Aunt Laura's house.

They had a huge feast and Easter egg hunt by the lake.

It was a blast.

After finding five or six eggs, he was done.

It was lots of fun and all...

But what's the point of walking around and getting all these eggs...

If you don't get to open and eat what's inside???

So he found him a nice spot and sat down and starting feasting on the good stuff.

Chubs didn't really care about finding a good spot.

As soon as he found an egg...

It went into his mouth.

He kept banging those eggs on the ground, trying to break them open. He's not dumb.

The older ones had a two-minute delay, so the little ones could actually get a few eggs.

Once they were told to go, Christian didn't waste any time.

That girl was seriously focused.
She had that basket so full, eggs were actually rolling out.

If only she had such determination to sit in her seat at school!

"I see some more eggs!"

"Oh! I might miss one!"

She wouldn't share with her brothers, either.

But there are more "Christian not sharing" pictures in my next post.

She's normally a very sweet girl, but very competitive with the Easter eggs.

This one just wants to get at whatever is inside.

That's Christian's foot in the upper right corner.

She was going to try to get at Cavan's eggs!

He finally got a chance to sit in a lounge chair...

And play with his eggs in peace.

Here we all are, relaxing under the shade trees next to the lake. It was such a gorgeous day.

Cavan would rather eat the candy than relax, though.
It's a good think MIL was there to help him guard his stash. There were lots of scavengers around.
Oh, look! Here's one now.

And another one went off by herself to check out her loot.

Uh-oh! Better put it away fast!

Cavan thought taking the Easter grass out of his brother's basket...
And putting it back in again...

And taking it back out...
Was great fun.
UncleDeanUncleDeanUncleDeanUncleDean (as Cullen ALWAYS calls him) helped out a little.

Aunt Laura took bunches of pictures and relaxed. She really wants my camera. Bad.

Hubs and his Dad are just taking it all in, and acting like they don't want to tackle the kids and steal their candy. But I'm not fooled.

Until Cullen had to go potty. Unfortunately, nobody had set up the curtains. But that didn't bother him one bit.

Hubs ran over to help.

I ran for my camera.

I hope your Easter was wonderful! Easter Sunday, Part 2, hopefully will be up sooner than later.

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