Monday, March 29, 2010

A (sort of) Spontaneous Stop On the Side of the Road

I think I've mentioned a time or eight that we have the kids' pictures taken once a month the entire first year of their lives.
Cavan is on month eleven.

I'm going to move quickly on from here, lest I break down.
A couple weeks ago I bought matching Easter outfits for the kids (early!) and decided I would have their pictures made in their pretty clothes today. I got them up from their naps, fed them, dressed them, and loaded them in the car and we were on our way.
Except on the way into town I saw the most gorgeous patch of bluebonnets on the side of the road. I turned around and drove back home for my camera. We then went back to the patch of wildflowers and I unloaded the kids and plopped them down in the middle of that field and snapped away. (What you can't hear is Christian screeching at Cullen not to pick the bluebonnets. "YOU CAN'T PICK THEM, CULLEN! NO! IT'S AGAINST THE LAW! DON'T PICK THE BLUE ONES!!!" She's so helpful that way.)
Anyone who's ever taken a picture of more than one kid knows how elusive that holy grail of photos is:

The one where they're all looking at the camera, with normal (read: not crazy) eyes, and smiling.
Since I had Cullen with me, I wasn't expecting to get it.

It's a good thing I had low expectations.


Tracy said...

Wow! first of all, I LOVE your choice of Easter attire! So cute together. I especially like Christian's dress! Second, the faces he made.... AWESOME!

MaryAnne said...

That one picture of all three looking at the camera is fabulous - and I love how their outfits match the field of lilies perfectly!

kelsey said...

LOVE it! I even bet these turned out way better than the studio pics, and all for free. Don't you love it when that happens?!

Erin said... cute!
i wanted that shirt/vest for my son. hubby said no :( he's not a pattern kinda guy.
but it looks so cute on your boys!
happy easter!

Tracye said...


Tracy, there were many more faces he made that I didn't even post here. Lots more at Sears later that day, too.

Thanks, MaryAnne!

Kelsey, the studio ones weren't that great, but I think I kind of burned them out on pictures that day!

Erin, Hubs said they could take pictures in the outfits, and MAYBE wear them to church on Easter Sunday, but THAT'S IT. He's not a sweater (or pattern) kinda guy. I knew that when I bought them, but decided to overrule him for the sake of cuteness!

Thanks and Happy Easter to you all!